Web Security

Centralized Linux Authentication

Until recently, Linux authentication through a centralized identity service such as IPA, Samba Active Directory, or Microsoft Active Directory was overly complicated. It generally required you to manually join a server or workstation to a company’s domain through a mixture of Samba windbind tools, and kerbose krb5 utilities. These tools are not known for their […]


Docker, for the Swarm!

Docker is a container management platform and is a rather new way of thinking about administration. It’s a tool to manage containers, and GigeNET mainly uses containers to manage processes on an individual level. Let’s take a step back to discuss what a container consists of. Containers are a method of virtualization much like virtual […]


The Best Open Source Backup Solutions

This adventure was kicked off by my intent to research an open source supplement or replacement for the enterprise backup solution R1soft ServerBackup. At GigeNET we heavily utilize R1soft, and its API to manage the backups for our fully managed customers. The backup software we have chosen all range in feature set, and complexity.  Here […]


Your Ansible Cheat Sheet to Playbooks

What is Ansible? Ansible is a world leading automation and configuration management tool. At GigeNET we heavily invest in the use of Ansible as our automation backbone. We use it to manage deployments on a large array of our platforms from our public cloud’s 1-Click applications to managing our own internal systems desired configurations. Have […]