High Performance Cloud Servers

How GigeNET’s Public Cloud Exceeds the Cloud Standard

The GigeNET Public Cloud offering was created to provide a fully-realized cloud experience based on standardized hardware, self-healing storage, and a powerful network. When we first began to put together a public cloud offering we looked at what customers wanted. What do you find useful and what do you think was lacking. And so we designed our cloud based on you. We took the lessons others learned and we used that as our cloud’s foundation.

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Pricing in USD. Excludes any applicable tax.

$ 12.50 / mo

$0.0186 / hr

  • 30GBSSD Disk
  • 1GBMemory
  • 1 CorevCPU
  • 1TB/moTransfer
$ 35.00 / mo

$0.0521 / hr

  • 90GBSSD Disk
  • 4GBMemory
  • 2 CorevCPU
  • 5TB/moTransfer
$ 90.00 / mo

$0.1339 / hr

  • 180GBSSD Disk
  • 8GBMemory
  • 8 CoresvCPU
  • 5TB/moTransfer
$ 120.00 / mo

$0.1786 / hr

  • 360GBSSD Disk
  • 16GBMemory
  • 4 CoresvCPU
  • 5TB/moTransfer
Overachieving Support Techs

Our tech support claim the highest scores on every certification exam.

Highest Customer Retention

We retain more than 99% of our customers year after year!

Fastest Route Optimization

Our network is prized in industries that require breakneck speeds

Complete Control

We offer comprehensive control of your systems via our client portal.

Why GigeNET Cloud Servers?

We push the technical boundaries for your business.

Create custom virtual machines with the ability to prioritize the way your load is balanced on your machine.

Create multiple VM’s at once with the same configuration.

Add private IPs to your VMs so you can have free bandwidth transfer between them.

VMs are consumed on an hourly basis on a 28-day month cycle and billed once a month. Cloud billing has never been so simple.

VMs can be paused, started, destroyed, and created at will.

API capabilities allow you to create and manage VM’s the way your business needs to.

Add elastic IP’s to your virtual machines to have a block of IP’s that will float across multiple machines allowing for redundant configurations.

True private vLAN capability for an added layer of security.

Add additional IP’s to your virtual machines.

Forget time zones. We’re here around the clock.

True 24/7/365 On-Site Engineers

Our customers are across the states and around the globe. If you have a question or concern about your critical data, you need it fixed now. Our entire technical support staff operates on-site, in the facility that your servers are located, 24 hours per day. When you call, you’ll speak to a live engineer who will take care of your concerns immediately so that you can get right back to growing your business. How can we help?

Your partner for life.

Inside of the data center and out.

The lowest customer turnover rate in the industry – just under 1% – means we’re here for our customers from startup to enterprise. Our internal goals and SLAs are built around supporting our customers as an equal partner extending outside of the data center. We’ve provided clients with marketing and business advice, soundboards for developing ideas, DevOps help for fine tuning environments, and we create new products that address our customers’ business goals. We understand that as your IT Infrastructure partner we play only a small role. However, no matter what role we play, we are fully invested in your success.

See How We Measure Up

On top of the features you find useful we added customer support and fully managed services, so that we can be there when you need us. We built it on top of a 10 Gigabit network, so that your cloud would be faster. We added the ability to scale up to 8 processors on a single VM, so your cloud could do more. See for yourself how our cloud measures up to your needs. See how we compare!