Dedicated Servers

Run your business, not a datacenter.

What is a dedicated server and do I need one?

As opposed to shared hosting, a dedicated server is a physical device hosted in a third-party datacenter reserved only for your business. Since most companies don’t have the capacity to store servers in an environment that provides the heating and cooling systems required, this allows critical data to live in a secure and compliant location while significantly reducing operating costs. Businesses with websites that experience high volumes of traffic, like ecommerce sites, often opt for dedicated servers for the increased speed resulting in faster load time on their pages.

dedicated server hosting
dedicated server

Dedicated Hosting Provider for Life

GigeNET has been providing dedicated servers for 20 straight years and is an industry pioneer with the first scalable DDoS Protection service, ProxyShield™, and the first to market with fastest route optimized network technology for dedicated server hosting. Our solutions are guaranteed by customer-centric SLAs and supported by veteran techs each with over 5 years experience. Focus on your business and we’ll focus on keeping you online.

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Included with every Dedicated Server

Your server also comes with the following, guaranteed:

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • 1 Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  • Full support for All Power, Network, and Cooling Issues
  • Guaranteed 15 minute Support Ticket Response
  • Full Use of Private Network
  • 10TB Public Bandwidth
  • Software Firewalls on request
  • FREE Webmin for UNIX and Linux Operating Systems

Single Processor

The Xeon-D was designed to process hyperscale workloads in cloud and data centers.

  Ideal for shared and cloud hosting, databases, and small apps


  System on a Chip (SoC) increases performance

  Corrects single-bit errors, detects double-bit errors at speed

  Up to 128GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM and up to 16 TB of local storage

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Double Processor

The Intel Xeon Processor  E5-2630 V4 was designed for improved performance, security, and agility.

  Programmatic control of code and data workload priorities

  70% increased performance on encryption algorithms

   VMCS for enhanced virtualization utilization

  Greater parallel utilization for multi-threaded workloads

  Up to 512GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM and 64 TB of local storage

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Managed Servers

Fully managed servers to ensure your hosted infrastructure runs at peak performance.

  Design a solution that fits your  unique business requirements

  24/7/365 on-site engineers

  Efficiently migrate apps and data to your new solution 

  Filter out malicious traffic with Automated DDoS Protection 

  Proactive check ins to ensure optimized environment operations

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GigeNET is proud to offer several different dedicated hosting solutions to fit the unique needs of your business the support you need to keep it all running.