Backup your data.

Your data is valuable. GigeNET offers multiple ways to ensure your data is never lost.

Data backup

Your data is valuable. GigeNET offers multiple ways to ensure your data is never lost.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backups

Modern data protection solution.

Veeam is a global leader for data protection. Veeam eliminates the risk of losing access or control over your data, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Backup your GigeNET server or your own server hosted anywhere with our Veeam backup service.

veeam features

Need a more enterprise-based solution? We have the solution for you.

An enterprise backup solution

Veeam is an enterprise backup solution that is suitable for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Easy management

Veeam’s control panel allows you to manage your own backups, meaning you can set multiple backup policies tailored to your own DR strategies.

Veeam’s infrastructure

The backups are controlled by Veeam’s Cloud Connect infrastructure, allowing for use by servers outside of our network.

Local backup data storage

Backup data is stored locally on GigeNET’s robust backup storage array – making it close at hand for speedy data recovery.

Multiple ways to perform backups

The Veeam agent has the ability to perform backups in multiple ways – file-based, block-based, or non-traditional backups.

Backup for sensitive filesystems

When a filesystem doesn’t support block-based backups, Veeam utilizes one of its other backup methods to get the job done.

A complete software suite

Veeam does more than a traditional agent-based backup. It’s a software suite designed around complex hypervisor backup and replication.

And more...

Learn more about Veeam and how to unleash its power on your environment on our Website.


A datacenter-class backup solution.

R1Soft backups secure your data in the easiest way possible. Experience fully-managed backups that you don’t have to worry about.

If you’re still wondering if R1Soft is a right solution for you or your company, read more about the benefits of R1Soft.

Why choose r1soft?

Perfect fit for your business.

R1soft is a datacenter-class backup solution with the specific aim of making backups friendly for the hosting industry.

Centrally controlled backups

The backups are centrally controlled by a backup manager that is maintained by GigeNET.

Security and block-level backups

t’s secure and performs backups on the block level to minimize I/O usage on your system while a backup is being performed.

Low bandwidth backups

It’s an ideal solution for low bandwidth backups and works extremely well for our cPanel clientele.

GigeNET functionality

GigeNET provides built-in functionality within our client portal that can perform restores, check the latest backup status, and allow you to review your backup space usage.

One-size-fits-all approach

the R1osft software is more tailored to a one-size-fits-all approach and lacks the customization that some enterprise users are looking for.

Perfect fit?

If R1Soft sounds like a perfect fit for you and your organization, talk to our engineers to come up with a plan tailored to your needs