How to Decide Type of Managed Hosting You Need

What are the Types of Managed Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting offers businesses access to customized web resources that are dedicated solely to one user for each server.
Because this type of hosting is not shared, dedicated hosting is much more robust because there not other webmasters on the same server using the same resources.  Not all types of dedicated hosting are the same. For instance, one type of dedicated hosting is the fully managed hosting which offers webmasters a comprehensive web hosting solution that does not require the user to be an expert in web server administration because the web host takes care of the administration of the server.
Below is an explanation of the different types of managed web hosting solutions.

About Fully Managed Web Hosting

A fully managed hosting plan will include 24/7 customer service, complete administration of the server which includes technical maintenance, and performance maintenance. Having a host provider take care of the management of the server allows a business to focus their efforts on other important online business areas.
You will not have to update, maintain, or monitor, the performance of the server so you will save several hours a day allowing you to focus on building the online business.
You will have more time and resources to grow and expand your business with the ultimate goal of growing your profits. Fully managed hosting is the more expensive choice.
It is important to be aware that some managed host providers label a partially managed server as fully managed web hosting, so it is important to find out what is included in your fully managed web hosting package.

About Partially Managed Hosting

Partially managed hosting is chosen if the webmaster is skilled in the administration of the server. You will manage some aspects of the server which will depend on the type of hosting package you choose. For instance, you can choose one or two services that you want to manage on your own and let the host provider manage the other areas.
To choose which type of hosting is best for you and your business, you will have to determine your budget and if you have a tech team that has experience running a server. If you have little experience, you may want to choose a fully managed hosting solution.
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