How Unmetered Servers Can Help Businesses Grow

Dedicated Hosting

If you have a business website that is growing and expanding, it is essential that you look into purchasing a dedicated server to meet changing technical demands. Once you have decided to enlist the services of a dedicated hosting provider, you will have to determine how much bandwidth you will require. When you lease a dedicated server, one service that you will be paying for is internet connectivity. When receiving connectivity to the servers, you will be given a particular service that is limited to the volume of data that you are allowed each month. One option to effectively manage the amount of data transfer is using an Unmetered Server.
An unmetered server allows you to pay for speed up-link instead of data transfer to the server’s network connection. This can be an efficient solution if your site has high bandwidth requirements because you will be engaging in large file transfers on the server. Basically, you can get a large amount of bandwidth without paying enormous fees. Unmetered servers use dedicated connections to successfully manage the demands of bandwidth application. The benefits of unmetered servers include cost-efficiency, almost no downtime, and enhanced security.
Unmetered server services involve billing clients only for the capacity of bandwidth that they have purchased. The service provider will monitor your server account to ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limits so you do not incur overcharges. You will be protected against being charged for more bandwidth that you agreed in the contract.  Server providers charge unmetered services based on the gigabyte (GB) which allows for more bandwidth. Greater bandwidth allows for faster downloads of your website. You will have your own server or you will share one with another of the service provider’s clients.
With unmetered services, you can have a choice of “limited” or “unlimited” unmetered service. With a limited unmetered service, you pay for the unmetered portion of the broadband width as well as limited technical support. With an “unlimited” service, you are paying for the capacity of broadband. This means that you will be billed only for the broadband capacity you use. If for some unusual reason you exceed the amount allotted, your traffic will be shaped until it falls back to the allotted bandwidth. Basically, the traffic is put at the back of the line where it remains until the bandwidth returns to its normal range.
If you are running a large-capacity website that expects thousands of visitors every day, you may want to invest in unmetered dedicated hosting. Unmetered services are also recommended for an expanding web business. When choosing any dedicated hosting service, it is always wise to understand the different server packages so that you make a well-informed decision. An Unmetered Server is one server option that is well-worth considering.

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