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What is a quad core dedicated server?

Quad Core Dedicated Servers are servers that have a processor with four cores. With a server that has multiple cores, website owners are able to have multiple processing in a single package. Four core processors can be used across many application domains. Quad core processors are used for high demand servers and servers running numerous applications or instances of applications. People with websites that have high traffic requirements will use quad core dedicated servers. You will find the popular sites using quad core servers, especially sites that make use of a large amount of high level programming languages.

How do quad core dedicated servers work?

Quad-core processors have greater performance than dual core processors because the quad cores have four cores which execute multiple functions at the same time. As well, all 4 cores are located on the same chip. This allows them to share the same data path and memory to the motherboard. The result is a quad core chip that can execute instructions four times faster.
Many of the quad core processors are well-threaded which allows server to benefit from an increased number of cores, higher memory capacity, and a larger cache. There are a number of companies offering quad core dedicated servers with various features; however, general valuable features of this type of dedicated server can include delivering 8-thread and 64 bit processing capabilities and providing more computing for threaded applications which makes them the perfect solution for environments with high performance demands. As well, there is increased efficiency due to maximizing the main memory to processor bandwidth.
Quad core processors provide an increased throughput with quick dedicated front-side buses. There are also processor enhancements that support software based virtualization allowing for the migration of more environments to virtual environments. All of the cores in a quad core processor are on the same chip so they share the same data path and memory.

What are the advantages of a quad core server processor?

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced latency
  • Promotes cooling for data transfers
  • Maximizes bandwidth and main memory
  • Enables migration of more environments to virtual environments
  • Helps decreases power consumption
  • Increased speed

As your business grows, you will require a server that is responsive, reliable, and high performing. A quad core dedicated server is the perfect choice for a website that receives a very high and consistent volume of traffic. The capabilities provided by the quad core dedicated server enhances performance as well as improves data consolidation, network interfaces, and application consolidation.  The quad core dedicated server provides businesses with a cost-effective method of improving and sustaining vital network availability.
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