Fully Managed cPanel Servers

Make Web Hosting Easy with GigeNET and cPanel

GigeNET and cPanel created a platform specific to the needs of web hosters that maximizes server density and network speed, while keeping clients happy. With Manage cPanel Hosting from GigeNET you no longer have to choose between what is best for your customers and what is affordable. Not a host? No Problem.

How can cPanel Help?

cPanel & WHM® is a suite of tools built for Linux OS that gives you the ability to automate web hosting tasks via a simple graphical user interface. It removes the complexity of creating advanced server configurations and comes equipped with automatic updates, built-in backups, and all the tools you’ll need to get up and running. Its goal — to make managing servers easier for you and managing websites easier for your customers. Tell me more about cPanel!

Highest Customer Retention

Pass on our industry leading retention to your customers

Total Control

cPanel and GigeNET give you full visibility of your customers.

Fastest Route Optimization

Our network is prized in industries that require breakneck speeds

Overachieving Support Techs

Our tech support claim the highest scores on every certification exam.

Create and Orchestrate

Streamline tedious server management tasks
and fuel your customers' need to administer every facet of their websites.

Xeon-D 1541
$610.00 / m
  • 8 Cores
  • 128 GB DDR4
  • 2x 1 TB SSD
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • cPanel & WHM
    (Free for 30-Days)
  • Managed cPanel 360° services

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Xeon-D 1541
$457.00 / m
  • 8 Cores
  • 64 GB DDR4
  • 1 TB SSD
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • cPanel & WHM
    (Free for 30-Days)
  • Managed cPanel 360° services

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Dual Xeon E5-2630 v4
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  • 20 Cores
  • 128 GB DDR4
  • 1 TB SSD
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • cPanel & WHM
    (Free for 30-Days)
  • Managed cPanel 360° Services

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Automate Everything

Automate upgrades, downgrades, SSL deployment, and any of your billing needs to cut down on your overhead. Or, use the cPanel & WHM API to create custom scripts and programs to do any additional heavy lifting for you.

Manage and Control Features

Choose from hundreds of features either baked into cPanel, or available as third-party add-ons, to create unique packages for your users to choose from.

MultiPHP Management

Allow any PHP version on your servers, domains, or accounts and manage them all seamlessly through the MultiPHP Manager.

We are Your Partner for Life

GigeNET has the lowest customer turnover rate in the industry – under 1% – meaning we’re here for our customers from startup to enterprise to acquisition. Our internal goals and SLAs are built around supporting our customers as an equal partner extending outside of the data center. And we can help you pass on that same assurance to your customers.

We understand that as your IT Infrastructure partner we play only a small role. However, no matter what role we play, we are fully invested in your success.

Not a Host? No problem. cPanel is your DevOps in a Box

cPanel and GigeNET Covers All of Your DevOps and SysAdmin Needs

So you can focus on what matters

cPanel provides a ready to use DevOps in a box. DNS connections, software installs (such as WordPress or popular forum modules), programming language adjustments, database software provisioning can all be administered easily from the cPanel control panel.

GigeNET provides proactive system administration covering server and network hardware. Our support techs will monitor every aspect of your servers and solve issues before they become a problem.

Together cPanel running on GigeNET hardware provides a complete solution for all of your needs. And you can continue to focus on what you love. And we’ll handle the rest.

How We Measure Up

Other Hosts
Unlimited Management
100% cPanel Certified Staff
30TB of Bandwidth
Unlimited Monitoring
DDoS Mitigation Up To 6Gbps
100GB of Backup Space
Ready to Use Out of BoxManual Installation & Configuration
Easy to Adjust Apache, PHP SettingsManual Compiling
Automatic UpdatesSome Coverage
Built in DNS and Private NameserversManual Installation & Configuration
180+ Features to Toggle On/Off
One-Click WordPress Install
Automatic Free SSL Certificate for All Domains
Account and Server Migrations
Fully Supported & Documented
300+ Add-Ons to Extend Functionality