How To Select The Right Managed Web Hosting Plan

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What to Consider When Selecting a Managed Web Hosting Plan

Whether you are new to the online business world, or you are looking to upgrade from a shared hosting plan, managed web hosting is the ideal web hosting solution.
This type of web hosting allows users to focus on their business instead of trying to ensure the web server is being run properly. With managed web hosting you don’t have to worry about maintaining the web server.
There are flexible managed web hosting solutions available. Your choice will depend on your budget, knowledge of web server administration, and how much time you want to spend managing the server.

What is Fully Managed Web Hosting?

Fully Managed web hosting is the easiest plan to purchase because the web host provider will perform all of the server administration tasks.
You’ll specify exactly what resources and services you require and the web host provider takes care of it. You won’t have to worry about tasks like managing and maintaining the technical aspects of the server that includes software upgrades and security monitoring. The server is auto-configured to take care of the much of the tasks and the hosting provider will have a team of experts to handle the rest.
At GigeNET, we have a number of fully managed dedicated servers.

What is Partially Managed Web Hosting?

Unlike fully managed hosting, partially managed web hosting is not service that complete management of the server provided by the host.
You will need to perform more administrative functions to keep the website performing properly. You will have more control over the server.
If you are inexperienced with managing a server, you may want to consider fully managed web hosting. Experienced webmasters will often choose partially managed web hosting.

How to decide if you need managed hosting

The best way to decide which hosting plan is best for you, you have to consider how much control you require over the technical aspects of the server and if you have the skills to maintain the server.
If you choose a fully managed web server, you should make sure it comes with a fully automated service. If you choose a partially managed web hosting solution, make sure you are able to properly manage the aspects you will be responsible for managing.
You will greatly benefit when you do your research and assess your needs before you make your web hosting decision.
Unsure which hosting solution is best for you? Receive a free consultation. Or learn more about GigeNET’s managed services.

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