A Guide on Choosing Hybrid Hosting and Its Unique Benefits

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What is Hybrid Hosting?

Hybrid hosting is a combination of dedicated, colocation, and cloud servers that are delivered through a private dedicated network. When choosing hybrid hosting, users have the ability to have standalone components run on a segment of a whole network or run independently. The benefit to the user is there is greatly boosted computing power and there is an improvement in security, availability and data management.

Should You Choose Hybrid Hosting?

Conventional hosting does not always offer the solutions big business need. For instance, there are specific applications that require their own servers for managing sensitive information such as government data so they need a suitable system that allows them to collect, store, and manage confidential data.
In addition to more specific applications available, hybrid hosting is a great option for organizations that receive very high spikes in bandwidth and require a high quantity of computing, resources, and storage. Hybrid hosting allows clients to connect a dedicated or colocation server to a private or public or cloud and they have the ability to customize their hybrid solution to economically fit their needs.

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Hosting?

Hybrid hosting offers a great deal of flexibility which is essential for today’s business world as information technology needs are always changing and evolving which requires changes in infrastructure. A hybrid hosting plan is an effective solution as it offers a simple streamlined data migration process that quickly delivers quality ensuring that there is no loss of productivity.
When using a hybrid solution, users can use the cloud platform to develop and test which makes the process of development much easier and more efficient. Resources are available on-demand and on a pay-per-use basis. In addition, if there are compliance issues, a dedicated server, or colocation environment can be created to store data. And if there is a disaster within the infrastructure, information will be replicated to a secondary data center to guarantee the security of data, programs, and applications.

A Comprehensive Web Hosting Solution

Hybrid server hosting offers an all-in-one hosting solution with essential security, flexibility, agility, scalability, performance and speed compared to conventional hosting. This type of hosting is fast become a popular choice for all size enterprises seeking secure, high performing, and flexible hosting solutions.
Is hybrid hosting right for you?

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