How Colocation Provides Unmatched Stability & Security

[sg_popup id=”9″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup] Colocation hosting gives businesses the service of putting servers in a high tech colocation facility which will provide ether a 100Mbps, 1,000Mbps, 10,000Mbps Internet connection. Enterprise can manage their servers remotely and the colocation host provider provides 24/7 maintenance and server support. If you have your own server, this is an effective option if you require a large amount of bandwidth and need maximum up-time.
With colocation, you can utilize a server as if they were right there on the business premises. Servers can be collocated and accessed through a Terminal Server such as a Windows 2000/2003 Server or VNC such as Linux, Windows, or Unix Servers. Both offer a ‘console’ view of the server from any location in the world. As well, they are very easy to manage as the colocation facility has excellent remote services. This is a service where you can email or call in to have the data center perform physical tasks such as typing commands to recover a server.  The data center facility will have staff on site 24/7/365 to help do the remote tasks. Whether you are an hour away from the data center or on the other side of the world, you have quick and efficient management of your servers.

Colocation Cabinets

Most colocation facilities offer a couple of space options. One option is renting a rack in a shared cage. The other option is getting a locked colocation cabinet.  Colocation Cabinets are popular because they are secure and you can easily add another cabinet. With one of the racks in a cage, there is a possibility of someone tripping over wires and accidentally taking down a company’s collocated services. colocation full cabinets are the most popular space option.

Full Cabinet vs. Shared Cabinets

A Full Secure Cabinet is a more beneficial choice for a number of reasons.  Full Cabinet provides improved security because no one else would be going in the cabinet. With shared cabinets, another company’s staff could be going in and out of the cabinet.  As well, if you were to acquire part of a rack, then the colocation cabinet space and power will be shared so if another company in the cabinet overloaded the power circuit it would bring your equipment down. An individual cabinet with your own dedicated power circuit provides protection against such events. As well, if you only acquired a part of a cabinet then when you upgraded to the full cabinet your equipment, you will have to set up your network again. The result would be unnecessary downtime.
Colocation services are all about fast 24/7 service, security, high availability, and stability. For companies looking for the most efficient and secure server accommodations in a data center, the full cabinet is often the most favored choice.
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