GigeNET launches GCloud Version 3.0.6 with new features

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GigeNETCloud V3.0.6 Release in LA!  Chicago customers will soon be migrated to new portal!

We are excited to announce the latest version of our cloud portal version 3.0.6! This is only available in the LAX cloud at the moment but we will be replacing the Chicago Legacy portal (V2) with the new GCloud Portal (V3) in a few short weeks! The new system is on a completely different database for users so your Chicago login will not work in LA and your LA login will not work in Chicago. You will need to sign up as a new user if you would like to obtain an account in the other location. When we replace the Legacy portal we will automatically migrate all users in to one portal (V3).

We are also pleased to announce the direct connectivity between our Chicago and LA datacenters allowing your cloud servers to utilize the private network to communicate with each other!
Another major feature released is the highly requested API. The API is now fully functional and can be setup through the LAX portal and once everyone is migrated to the new portal the API will still function the same.
On this new release there has been many enhancements in stability and features. We have attached a full changelog to the bottom of this communication.
On the prior release there was only a small choice of Operating Systems. We have now added many more operating systems listed below.
List of available operating systems in LAX Version 3.0.6:
– Arch Linux 64/32 (06-2011)
– CentOS 5.6 64/32
– ClearOS 5.1 64bit
– Debian 5.08 64/32
– Debian 6.01 64/32
– Ubuntu 10.0.4 64/32
– Ubuntu 8.04 64/32
– VirtualMin 64bit
– Windows 2003 R2 enterprise 64bit
– Windows 2008 R2 enterprise 64bit
* If you need CPanel simply install one of CPanel’s supported operating systems above and place a ticket to have the latest CPanel installed. Pricing for CPanel on the cloud is $10.00/month.
The Newest Release in production is 3.0.6 coming from 3.0.2 so here is a list of changes we made to the system since 3.0.2:
CCS 3.0.3
– Feature: Add Forgotten Password Functionality to Client Login
– Feature: VMDep Rebuild Initial Architecture and Coding #93
– Feature: Show last individual to update support ticket #90
– Feature: Virtualmin 64-bit conversion #177
– Feature: CentOS 64-bit conversion #176
– Feature: VDI Resize for Deployment #175
– Fix: Task Checker Spawns Endless Loops #183
– Fix: Disk/fs resize to proper size #173
– Fix: Can create VMs as small as 128MB RAM and 4GB Disk #105
– Fix: Cores are not reduced after deployment on Windows 2003 #74
– Fix: remove 100 char limit on news comments #157
– Fix: Remove “Close Ticket” as the default for response posts #149
– Fix: News System Has CSS Overlow #136
– Fix: VM Deletion Issues Graceful Shutdown #56
CCS 3.0.4
– Feature: Windows 2003 Support #184
– Feature: Debian Support 64-bit #16
– Feature: Debian Support 32-bit #15
– Feature: Adding customer services #154
– Feature: Reformat VM Creation Page #180
– Feature: Daily Status Digest Email #179
– Feature: Manage Service per client #178
– Feature: Min and max credit purchase editing #174
– Feature: Ability to set client discount #131
– Fix: HTTP Code 418 Should not be Used for Error Handling #182
CCS 3.0.5
– Feature: Windows 2008 Support #45
– Feature: Ubuntu 10 64-bit Support #20
– Feature: Ubuntu 10 32-bit Support #19
– Feature: Ubuntu 8 64-bit Support #18
– Feature: Ubuntu 8 32-bit Support #17
– Feature: Arch Linux Support #201
– Feature: Debian 6 64-bit Support #194
– Feature: Debian 6 32-bit Support #193
– Feature: ClearOS 5.1 Support #200
– Feature: Identify credit card IIN issuer #204
– Feature: cman should use Debian Live instead of GRML #158
– Feature: Refund queing #192
– Feature: Projected annual revenue on admin dashboard #190
– Feature: Quickbooks integration ported to OpenLSS #33,#32
– Feature: MTD payments breakdown for dashboard #190
– Fix: Payments are recorded as checks in Quickbooks #31
– Fix: Changing the way we do Startup Scripts in Linux #195
– Fix: Clients link of refunds list does not work #191
– Fix: Inability to add negative credits #107
CCS 3.0.6
– Feature: Password reset and network Recon on Linux OS’s #207
– Feature: Port reseller portal to V3 #186
– Feature: Windows 2008 modify #239
– Feature: Windows 2003 Password Reset #235
– Feature: Windows 2003 Network Recon #234
– Feature: Windows 2008 Password Reset #232
– Feature: Windows 2008 Network Recon #231
– Feature: New startup harness for Arch Linux #229
– Feature: Change startup to new harness CentOS, Virtualmin, ClearOS #199
– Feature: Change startup to new harness Ubuntu 10 #198
– Feature: Change startup to new harness Ubuntu 8 #197
– Feature: Change startup to new harness Debian 5 #196
– Feature: Deprecation of script_windows for deployments #226
– Feature: Windows 2003 using ntfscp for file copying #225
– Fix: Ledger cleanup in admin panel #228
– Fix: Remove mass storage drivers and entries from Windows 2003 #227
– Fix: Client portal must pass W3C validation #206
– Fix: URL classes should output W3C friendly URLs #205
– Fix: Ticket response typing not working correctly #152
For those interested, the reseller panel that is available now in V2 will be available next week for V3 in LA.

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