The Basic Guide For How To Improve Website Security

Web Security

Due to the increasing number of DDoS attacks, it is vital that businesses implement a diverse number of security measures in order to protect their websites and data from a wide range of security threats.

Five ways to protect against DDoS attacks:

  1. Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing: Prevention is the key to website security. Vulnerability scanning is an effective prevention tool. A vulnerability scanner is a tool that scans a site for security vulnerabilities. The results of the scan allows administrator to secure the vulnerable spots such as improving firewalls. As well, penetration testing is another tool that helps to identify weakness in such areas as application codes and browser scripts.
  2. DDoS Protection Software: A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) takes place when a server is overwhelmed with tasks and requests and the server is no longer able to function properly. A DDoS attack can cause a server to use up a resource such as storage capacity, bandwidth, and processing power. By doing so, there is no more of that resource remaining for regular legitimate traffic. DDoS protection software runs on existing hardware and it is involved in analyzing incoming traffic. When the software detects malicious packets, it will filter them out which efficiently stops a traffic flood attack.
  3. Application Firewalls: A web application firewall is a tool that is located between a client browser and web server. This device prevents web attacks, prevents data leaks, and analyzes HTTP traffic. It is an effective method of blocking web attacks.
  4. Browser Security Tools: Make sure your browser has tools such as built-in XSS filter to minimize the risk of XSS attacks.
  5. Application Whitelists: Implement a policy of approved applications through the use of application whitelists.

When securing your website, make sure you prioritize and choose the security tools that are affordable and provide you with an efficient level of security. Detecting diverse attacks along with a security program that prevents attacks will significantly help prevent any type of DDOS attacks against your website.

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