Automated DDoS Protection

Peace of Mind Against DDoS Attacks.

Concerned about the potential of your server experiencing a DDoS attack? GigeNET, a pioneer and leader in DDoS protection, now offers a new service designed not just to protect your website, but your IP addresses.

Unlike other providers, Automated DDoS Protection is not an afterthought. Designed with everyday to more advanced user in mind, Automated DDoS protection can be used to keep servers with multiple IP’s from taking the entire machine down when attacked to just being that extra layer of security if you’re concerned about DDoS Attacks.

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Automated DDoS Protection filters out malicious traffic allowing your clean traffic to flow through to your server unobstructed.

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What is Automated DDoS Protection?

A first of its kind solution for your peace of mind, Automated DDoS Protection operates like virus protection for DDoS Attacks. The always on, always active solution routes your traffic through our scrubbing center, diverting disruptive UDP and TCP attacks away from your server, while preventing downtime. A safeguard against attack, protecting your servers up to the 4GB threshold.

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We use our custom set up to do all of the heavy lifting, so you can sit back and relax.

Security & Management

Combine this with one of our Management Plans, or you can purchase our Platinum Management for complete server coverage.

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One Click Solutions

We can protect your cloud or dedicated server, hybrid solution, or even co-location configuration. Whatever you have, we can protect.

Alerts & Notification

Once an attack is detected, we contact you and let you know what your options are.

How Do I Add This Service?

Adding this service is as simple as choosing the right server for your needs, and when configuring, selecting the option for Automated DDoS Protection.

For current customers, please contact your sales representative, and they can add the service to your account immediately.

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Downtime caused by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cost your business tens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

Today, DDoS attacks aimed at shutting down websites have replaced intellectual property theft as the costliest computer crime. If you have a growing e-commerce site, the chances of a DDoS attack is pretty much guaranteed. Gigenet has become an Industry leader in Denial of Service Mitigation and Prevention.

By placing your website behind Gigenet’s ProxyShield® mitigation system, you are effectively putting a stop to DDoS attacks which would have resulted in extended periods of downtime for you and your customers.

ProxyShield® is designed to protect your server or website from DDoS attacks, You will benefit from complete protection for your website IP address, automatic detection and filtering of DoS / DDoS attacks, and extensive web content compression that will increase the browsing speed for your site.

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