How Dedicated Server Configurations Impact Performance

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is a popular web hosting choice as it provides access to basically unlimited amount of essential server resources such as memory, disk space, and bandwidth. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated web servers are entirely dedicated to a single user and this server is much more powerful and flexible than a single shared server. When leasing a dedicated server, users benefit from high availability, high website up-time, faster loading pages, efficient management of high spikes in web traffic, and more efficient security features. Dedicated servers allows user to grow and expand their ecommerce sites without disruptions.
Dedicated web servers are servers that are continuously linking with the Internet to transmit and receive data related to web applications and websites. Dedicated server configurations vary in prices and features. Below is an introduction to dedicated server configurations and their impact on web host performance:

What is a Dedicated Server Configuration?

A dedicated server configuration includes the software and hardware set up and all of the specifications included in the dedicated host plan such as the amount of memory, bandwidth, processor speed, and other server features. With a dedicated server, users have the ability to implement their own server configuration and modify and upgrade as needed. As well, users can install their own preferred software applications.

How to Choose Dedicated Server Configuration Features

When choosing the dedicated server configurations, it is important to determine the hardware specifications of the server. Most users tend to choose a dedicated server with dual core processing units (CPUs) as they care at efficient at handling many tasks simultaneously. It is important to get enough gigabytes of RAM – 6 to 8 GB at a minimum, plenty of bandwidth, and whether to implement a Windows or Linux operating system.
If you are beginning your online endeavors, a basic dedicated server plan is likely sufficient until you are better able to determine the amount of traffic you will be receiving. Until you website grows and expands, you can likely hold off on robust business web applications and running custom server-side automation software.
The key to getting the most out of your dedicated server at affordable costs is to assess what and how much resources you will need and then make adjustments as your website evolves and expands on the internet.
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