Choosing Shared VPS vs. Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

When choosing a web hosting provider, it is essential that you understand each type of hosting option so that you can make an informed choice so that you select the best web host that meets your needs. The three most reliable web host choices are shared, VPS, and dedicated web hosting. Below is a helpful guide on understanding the difference between Virtual Private Servers (VPS), shared web hosting, and dedicated web hosting environments.
Shared Hosting
As one of the cheapest types of web hosting, shared hosting allows users to share hosting services and resources such as operating systems, disk space, and bandwidth on a single server. There are shared hosting packages that can cost as little as $10.00 per month and each user is assigned their own domain name. They come with user-friendly control panels and interfaces, and they are given the tools to build their websites. This web host method is sufficient for small websites; however its limits are restricted when it comes to growing and expanding a website which makes it not very useful for larger enterprise. As well, there is limited privacy due to the server is shared with other users who also have access to the server resources such as bandwidth. This means a high peak of traffic can impact website load times.  As well, security features are not as strong compared to private hosting environments. Shared hosting is a good choice if you are just starting an online business.
Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
VPS gives users access to a private virtual server to host online businesses. VPS hosts are secure, private, independent hosting environments. VPS is an affordable choice for users looking for a basic private hosting option because a basic hosting package can be as little as $20 per month. This method of hosting is often chosen by small business owners due to its improved security over shared hosting, and convenient control. However, if you are going to require a lot of bandwidth, expect costs to increase.  Also, the reliability of VPS is not as good as other types of web hosting.
Dedicated Web Hosting
Dedicated Web hosting is often chosen by businesses of all sizes as it provides and efficient way to run an optimal host environment. Dedicated hosting offers high flexibility, security, and reliability. Users can l lease a single server to host one or multiple websites. They can also modify software configurations as needed. Benefits of dedicated hosting include: optimal network connectivity, efficient data backup and data restoration solutions, bandwidth limits, technical support, IP features, network reliability and up-time, and reduced spending on infrastructure. Dedicated servers are more expensive but the services and functions offered make these servers a valuable investment.
When choosing a web host, it is important to consider both your present and future needs to ensure that the host you choose can meet your changing and growing demands.

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