The 4 Types of Web Hosting: What's Best For Your Needs

Dedicated Hosting

Today, everyone who wants to have a website needs web hosting. Businesses, in particular, need a secure and high performing website to ensure they can reach their customers and grow their sales.  In order to choose the web host that meets your needs, it is important to learn what each host offers.
Free Web Hosting: As its name implies, is a free hosting service in which you are not charged for the service but you have to comply with the host’s terms and conditions. For instance, you will normally have to let the host run ads on your website and there’s a high chance your website won’t be running at optimal speed. There is not that much flexibility and resources are quite limited. If you’re starting your own blog, this option may be okay. However, if your personal blog turns into a personal brand or business you’ll quickly outgrow this option.
Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is a good choice if you have a very small business or a low-traffic website. There is a low monthly fee and you will have a low amount of bandwidth and disk space. Its resources are limited and not a good choice if a business is expecting high traffic and needs to use a lot of applications.
Dedicated Server Hosting: This dedicated server is a popular choice for businesses. You will have an entire server dedicated to your website and you will be allotted a lot of space and bandwidth so you will be able to manage a lot of traffic and applications.
Colocation Hosting: Colocation hosting is similar to dedicated server hosting. You have the entire server dedicated to your website. However, with a Colocation hosting, you will have your own server rather renting the server.
Now, nearly every business has a website and uses it to generate sales so they need a high functioning and highly flexible site with effective security for their critical data. The type of server host you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences. For businesses that will be running a high traffic site and need flexibility, reliability, plenty of resources, and high security, dedicated server hosting and colocation hosting are the most popular choices.
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