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Dedicated Hosting

Today more enterprise of all sizes and industry are choosing dedicated servers to host their ecommerce websites. A dedicated server is a server that a business leases or rents from a dedicated server host provider.
Server Customization
With a dedicated server, the business will have control over software configurations and server maintenance. For businesses, a dedicated server provides the flexibility and agility they need to host their website. They can customize hardware set up and software configurations to meet their specific enterprise needs.
With dedicated servers, it is easy to control the volume of traffic which will minimize instances of downtime caused by a sudden spike in traffic and they have faster and easier access to data on-demand. Visitors to the website will benefit from fast load times and 24/7 website access. Dedicated servers do not have to share resources, but instead use all the resources that are available to them.
Unmanaged Dedicated Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers
There are currently two dedicated server types offered by web hosting companies – Unmanaged Dedicated Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers. With unmanaged dedicated servers, a business will need expert IT staff as they will be setting up, running and maintaining the server.
With a managed dedicated server, the host provider will be responsible for server administration and management tasks. The managed dedicated server is a popular choice for business who do not want to spend the time and money to install, deploy, maintain, and secure a web server.
Selecting a Dedicated Server
When choosing a dedicated server, it is vital that the service provider offers quality backup services, especially if you have a site that is constantly updated. Make sure the provider offers 24/7 server monitoring services and the host can effectively manage and repair problems in a timely manner.  Technical considerations include space and bandwidth, type of hardware, software, operating system, and the IT budget. Any size and type of enterprise will benefit from a dedicated server. A dedicated server allows a business to grow and expand which helps a business maintain long-term success.

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