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Today, every business requires a fully functioning website that maintains high performance and high availability 24/7 to ensure visitors will always have access to their website. There are many different hosting options available that offer different services and features. For businesses who do not want the hassle of managing their own server or the IT budget, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting may be the best host server solution. Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is a type of hosting whereby a web host company owns the server and leases it out to a business client.
The web host provider takes care of all of the server administration tasks such as: setting up and deploying the server, managing the server 24/7, providing technical and client support 24/7/365, taking care of upgrades for both the hardware and software, security monitoring which includes installing security upgrades, troubleshooting and resolving problems, maintaining high performance and high availability, performing backup tasks, and doing all of the patching. Prices for managed dedicated server hosting depends on the server hosting package you choose which includes the types of services offered. It is important to choose a reputable dedicated server provider to host your server.
With managed dedicated server hosting, businesses will leave all of the server operational tasks to the host which frees them up to focus on other business areas such as marketing and generating revenue. It basically leaves the business with more time to grow their business without having to worry about their server and websites. As well, they can devote more time to website marketing and SEO.
GigeNET’s dedicated servers combine virtualization with dedicated hardware and managed support. Our dedicated hosting platform provides full root/administrator access and dedicated resources. Our goal is to provide you with an extensive selection of servers to fit your specific server requirements. GigeNET provides the best dedicated servers with enhanced hard drive performance and up-time service that promises reliability and dependability. Our dedicated server solutions include the highest performing stand-alone servers and managed dedicated servers.
The business world has now become highly competitive, whether a business is competing locally regionally, nationally, or Internationally. Businesses of all types and sizes will benefit from a managed dedicated server hosting, particularly if they do not have a large IT department or the money to run the server by themselves. For businesses that do not want to spend money on setting up their own unmanaged server, managed dedicated server hosting is the ideal IT-enterprise solution.

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