Importance of Capacity Planning For Boosting IT Efficiency

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Unfortunately, many IT professionals have overlooked ‘capacity planning’ when managing their virtual environments to cost-effectively fulfill current and future business needs. However, a recent survey conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by TeamQuest found that more companies are realizing the importance of ‘capacity planning’ in helping their businesses maintain success of their virtual environments. Companies seeking to reduce their IT costs and their data center energy consumption have discovered that moving to a virtual environment such as the Cloud meets their IT requirements.
Forrester Consulting results revealed that “of the 61% of the 220 companies surveyed that are moving to virtual environments, 58% reported that they had implemented a capacity planning process.” The respondents reported that the move to virtual environments was due to “increasing customer satisfaction and improving IT efficiency.” As well, capacity planning is an essential component of the virtualization process which makes it necessary to implement measures to ensure applications continue to work efficiently so that a business can save on future IT costs.
It is vital for businesses to realize that it is essential to implement measures and make modifications to ensure success when moving to a virtual environment. Just moving to the virtual environment and hoping things will work out is not an effective business strategy. In supporting the functions of capacity planning companies will be involved in assessing the service levels they provide.
Today’s enterprise expect and require more agility and flexibility from their IT departments. Even as budgets are reduced or basic hardware fails, new workloads must be brought online sooner, stay online longer and have fewer user disruptions, Server virtualization technology provides the flexibility and agility which permits IT administrators to meet business demands and need needs more quickly and efficiently. IT professionals must decide how much computing resources they need, when these resources are needed, and why they need it. ‘Capacity Planning’ must be a high priority for enterprise IT department in order to maintainer continued success.

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