Gartner IAM Summit Discusses Securing Cloud Based Data

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For the majority of businesses, if asked about their main concern about hosting a website, they will answer security is a major concern as they want a reliable host that will ensure their data is safe and secure. Today, internet computing experts across the globe are working to make the cloud the securest technology available to enterprise. At the recent Gartner Identity and Access Management (IAM) summit, IT attendees engaged in major discussions about how to best secure cloud-based data.
Gartner Summit Findings
At the summit, all of the attendees expressed agreement that the cloud will cause CIOs to implement strategies regarding access and identity management across their businesses. According to Jim Dunn of CA Technologies “security fears around data stored in the cloud is going to make it more essential to control access rights to both upload and download information.” As well, Kurt Johnson of Courion, said that “organizations should also ensure they have a hybrid strategy for IAM, one that takes both cloud and on-premise into account.” Also, research vice-president at Gartner, Ant Allan, said that, “through 2015, over 50 per cent of cloud-based IAM solutions will be hybrid, with software and scalable service-based solutions integrated for cloud computing.”
Bigger Demand for Cloud Hybrid
The hybrid cloud is going to be in bigger demand in 2011. Enterprise CIOs must learn the benefits of the cloud hybrid by asking the right questions to potential providers and doing their research. As well, they must learn all about the security features and protocols such as permissions-related control to ensure that security is maintained at a high level. Leveraging the power of the cloud while ensuring it meets the required levels of security, performance and availability is key to running a successful cloud hybrid.

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