Questions to ask your Data Backup and Recovery Provider


Today, there are many online backup solutions available on the market. With such a variety to choose from, it can seem confusing choosing the right sight solution that ensures your data is completely protected. Below are a number of questions you should ask when looking for quality data backup and recovery provider.
How will you protect our data?
It is important to know how your data will be protected. You should find out what kind of encryption and security features are used. When it comes to encryption, you should make sure you use an extremely secure process so that your data is protected while in transit. It should also be protected during a back up and restoration process.
Will I have 24/7 customer and technical support?
When there is a problem, it is important that you have the ability to immediately contact the provider. You are going to need someone that you can reach anytime of the day and night in the event of a problem so they can be alerted and work to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to change your backup configuration, restore data, or just have a question, it is essential that you can reach a knowledgeable support representative.
What is the actual cost of the service?
It is important to understand the cost for the services. Is it a flat fee or are there other charges for such services as: telephone support, costs to recover the data, and whether or not you’ll be billed per user. A low cost provider may seem like an attractive choice, however, there may be all sorts of separate fees.
Do you have a high quality data center?
It is important to make sure the data center is safe and secure. Make sure it is located in a safe area and the center has physical security and the proper safety features such as fire and flood suppression and climate controls. Make sure the building can withstand bad weather such as an earthquake.
How fast will our data be restored?
It is important to learn how long it will take for your data to be restored if there is a data loss emergency. You will want a provider to start the restore process immediately. Make sure the provider will be able to help you recover your data when you need it.
When choosing a data backup and recovery provider, you should look for a provider that will assess their IT infrastructure and business needs, and then deliver a plan on how to best restore your data.

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