When Should I Upgrade My Hosting Plan?


Whether you’re talking about the world of business or the world of computing, it’s a fact that changes come at you fast.  As those changes come at you, failing to adapt your computing infrastructure to new situations can mean you’ll be left behind.  But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your web hosting plan?  At GigeNET, we know that making upgrades to your hosting plan is about more than just spending more money on a bigger plan.  We like to focus on providing targeted upgrades to the areas where our clients need them the most.  Here are a few common situations our clients have run into, and the solutions we can provide to solve these frequently encountered issues.
A Need for Speed
If your website is running slow, the problem may not be on the user end; it may actually be an issue with your server configuration.  For example, you may think that hosting your site on a server with an RPM hard drive is a good way to save money but when your customers run into long wait times when browsing, they’re likely to turn to your competitors.  Making the switch to a server with a Solid-State Drive (SSD) is just one way to help your site runs faster and that your customers get all the information they need without the frustration of slow loading times.
Security Concerns
As we get deeper and deeper into the 21st century, hackers and other malicious actors have been able to keep pace with the rapidly advancing computing environment.  If you want to stay a step ahead of them, you may need to make some upgrades to your own computing infrastructure.  GigeNET has long been a pioneer in preventing DDoS attacks and other malicious intrusions so you know we’ve kept up with the techniques and tools used by hackers.  When you’re browsing our web hosting options, ask about our automated DDoS protection and other services to help you and your customers stay safe.
A Lack of Resources
In the same way that real-world resources are limited, system resources often need to be used by multiple applications and multiple machines.  When your resources aren’t keeping up with demand, it may be time to make some upgrades. GigeNET offers a wide variety of server options so you can easily upgrade resources like hard disk space, CPUs, RAM, and more.  Whether it’s a dedicated server or a virtual machine, we make it simple to add resources!
Managed Hosting Plans
At a certain point, managing your business’s web hosting in-house will become unwieldy and will take resources away from other crucial business functions.  Why not take those concerns off your hands and leave them to the experts at GigeNET?  We offer managed cloud hosting solutions so you can leave the hosting to us and focus on your customers.
No matter what your company’s computing needs may be, GigeNET has a solution!  Rather than offering tiered plans, we think it’s important to tailor every aspect of our services to the specific client.  When web hosting services are customized to meet your needs, you save time and money, so get in touch with us today by dialing (800) 561-2656 or by sending an email to [email protected].  We’ll help you find the web hosting solution that works for you!

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