Cloud Computing Is Still Dangerously Underutilized

The cloud is a computing wonder that will change IT forever. For the cloud to be revolutionary, the cloud computing resources must be integrated into IT infrastructure in a manner that allows them to be managed and controlled.

Research on the Utilization of Cloud

The research firm Osterman Research and Electric Cloud®, recently released results of a survey of senior-level IT professionals on public and private cloud use and implementation revealed an important issue. Their findings revealed that although cloud computing is now being widely implemented, many companies and organizations have yet to fully leverage their cloud infrastructure.
Of the companies surveyed that use either public cloud or cloud computing, it was found that “52% have cloud infrastructure resources that are hardly ever or never used.” Many of those resources are sitting unused. As well, 47% of the companies reported some or a lot of excess capacity.” These findings reveal that more than half of companies are underutilizing cloud computing.

How to Leverage Cloud Computing

The essential issue with productive use of cloud technologies is efficient management of the cloud resources. Software development tasks that should be utilized to get the best benefit of the private cloud include: systems testing, requirements planning and tracking, statistic analysis, deployment automation, and source code control.
For developers to make sure they receive the full benefits of the cloud environment that includes better and faster performance, they have to be able to harness the software development and testing tools that are perfect for the private cloud computing. As well, for effective adoption and management of cloud resources, the same techniques must be employed as those employed by the administrators of data centers. By doing so, they will be able to fully leverage the cloud’s resources.
Cloud computing has evolved to become a vital component of an increasing number of company’s computing resources and it is forecasted to become one of the most essential  computing resources in the future. Configuration for cloud development, testing, and training, is essential for a company to fully leverage the power and performance of the cloud. With the monitoring, management, integration and automation capabilities of the cloud’s resources, it is essential that each type of resource is leveraged for maximum benefit.
To attain the clear benefits offered by the cloud, companies should implement a clearly defined strategy for using and managing the cloud. The Osterman Research and Electric Cloud study will help IT developers realize the size of the cloud opportunity and encourage them in the development of their own cloud resources. Find out more from Gigenet about cloud server choices for your company.

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