R1Soft CDP Backup Solutions: Averting Data Loss Disasters

There’s no denying the value of having a comprehensive backup strategy. Although, if you need some convincing, here’s are the two reasons to have a data backup plan.
One key aspect of every good data backup plan is to prevent against data loss and ensure complete data recovery. For this, we use R1Soft backups.

What is R1Soft CDP backup?

The R1Soft CDP backup solution is a server software application that enables disaster recovery and disk-based data protection for workstations and servers running Linux operating systems and Microsoft Windows.
CDP Server protects disk volume data using synchronization and replication across the network while storing point-in-time snapshots in disk-based storage.

Main features of R1Soft CDP backup include:

  • Near-continuous backups by providing hundreds of recovery points per day scheduled at five or ten minutes apart
  • A resource-friendly footprint with bandwidth utilization and low processor usage during backups
  • Ability to visualize, create, and verify backups through the web portal
  • Data is always protected as there is full encryption of backups that are being processed

How do R1Soft backups work?

The CDP Server supports encryption of disk data using RSA keys and the Blowfish cipher. During data synchronization, the data is encrypted on the agent and sent to the server over the network where it is stored in encrypted form. The data can only be decrypted using an RSA key protected with a passphrase.
Data on the CDP Server is stored in R1Soft’s patent-pending Disk Safe storage format. This on-disk format allows CDP Server to archive point-in-time recover images for long periods of time using as little disk space as possible.
Recovery points only consist of a copy of changed disk sectors which means that it normally just takes seconds or minutes to complete disk synchronization, even in large quantities.
With a CDP backup, there are many Intel PCI-e network interface cards in place to relieve strain on servers in the R1Soft cluster which provides an extra layer ensuring a completely redundant at the server level.
Multiple servers are provisioned in hardware RAID-10 or RAID-50 configurations in a clustered R1Soft environment to ensure you can initiate and retrieve backups. As well, any combination of directories and files can be chosen for restore through a user-friendly file browser and web interface.
Files can be restored to their original location, alternate location, or alternate host. They can also be optionally encrypted in transit using RSA keys and 128-bit Blowfish encryption.

Value of R1Soft backups

The biggest value of R1Soft backups is that you will have a dependable backup environment. 
Today there is no need to waste bandwidth to keep your data secure. When using R1Soft backup solutions, you will never have to pay extra bandwidth fees to ensure your data is protected. As well as conserving paid public bandwidth and increasing backup speeds, R1Soft backup solutions will enable you to reduce the strain on your production servers during their backup intervals.  R1Soft Backups is your reliable and cost-efficient data backup solution.
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