Three Types of Dedicated Server Storage Solutions

Storage space refers to the amount of space on a server. The storage space is allocated by hosting companies to their clients. Storage space consists of the total amount of all databases, text files, emails, images, scripts, and other files associated with the customer’s website. It’s essential to have backup and storage solutions that are designed to protect the enormous quantity of data that is vital for today’s businesses.
When you consider how much lost time could result if anything happened to the vital data as well as the financial consequences of data loss, the advantages of a protected storage solution becomes quite evident. Dedicated Servers provide protected data storage solutions. When selecting the right hardware, it is important that you consider reliability and long-term performance of your storage collection.

3 efficient and cost-effective dedicated server storage solutions:

  1. R1Soft CDP Backup Solutions: Reliable data continuity is essential for any server. Compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems, an R1Soft CDP backup runs as a background service and sends real-time disk level snapshots to a redundant storage array. It provides fully managed near-continuous backups for all of your servers. Beneficial features include easy and quick provisioning, multiple restore points, and backup servers in other datacenters.
  2. iSCSI SAN: You can mount your file systems over a private network for performance and redundancy. You can back up multiple terabytes of data at wire speed. Beneficial features include: provides faster I/O performance than internal disks, highly scalable, and compatible with all servers
  3. Dedicated Terabyte Servers: Whether you want to run a simple file server on a Private Network, you can deploy your own dedicated iSCSI SAN, or set up a private R1Soft CDP storage array.

When selecting your storage platform, with an iSCSI or R1Soft CDP, you will be able to decide how you want your data to be transferred, stored, and recovered. It is beneficial to deploy dual Xeon quad-core processors, 32 GB of memory, 24TB of raw drive space, in each storage server. Once you have determined the specifications of your storage system(s) and have chosen the platform that it will run on, dedicated storage engineers from the server provider will deploy it. The best part of choosing the storage platform from a quality provider, your storage system can be online in less than 24 hours.
It is vital that in today’s high tech data environment that you make sure that you have a sound and reliable backup option in place for your data. There are a number of quality and reliable dedicated server companies online that provide hosting solutions through their Secured Servers site. Hosting companies provide effective online storage solutions that ensure their clients’ data always remain safe and secure.
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