Parallels Virtuozzo OS Virtualization Solution


Parallels Virtuozzo is a complete server automation and virtualization solution based on Parallels technology. As a global leader in OS virtualization solutions, Parallels Virtuozzo creates isolated containers on a single physical server and OS instance. By doing so, the single physical server is able to share licenses, hardware, and management functions.
The server is intelligent partitioned divides a server into hundreds of Containers that all have complete server functionality. Security of the Containers is ensured through complete isolation allowing them to have performance and fault isolation. Each Container acts just like a like a stand alone server and each contain such functions and features as: processes, active directory domain users, system libraries, administrator access, applications, memory, IP addresses files, and configuration files.
The high performance of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers’ is due to its lean architecture that enables it to perform at levels that are on par with native servers. Its high performance also makes it fitting for such high I/O applications as email servers and databases. As well, Virtuozzo does not have virtualized hardware and it makes use of native software and hardware drivers. Each VE (the highest density) can effortlessly scale up to the physical server’s resources. Resource/cache and the OS code are shared across applications, VEs, and templating of OSs. As well, VzCacheOnline helps to facilitate up to hundreds of VEs on a production server.
Virtuozzo Containers are very easy to update and maintain as they use a single OS. As well, applications can be deployed as a single instance. Virtuozzo template technology permits the ability to update VEs or groups of servers to new patch levels. Single OS instance with caches and links provide extremely fast VE provisioning. As well, fast operations optimized for parallel operations include: create, update, migrate, restart, resize, migrate, backup and restore, and clone.
Virtuozzo Containers have dynamic resource allocation due to the ability to change detailed VE resource parameters in real time. They also have the flexibility to facilitate burstable resource usage.  As well, they are designed for immense scale deployments with as much as thousands of VEs on hundreds of physical servers. Virtuozzo management tools use such integration technologies as: XML, SOAP, SNMP, RPC, CLI, SDK and APIs, and LDAP. Third party tools can be integrated and they include: IBM, HP, CA, and Microsoft.
Other important benefits Parallels Virtuozzo provide include: Parallels System, business automation, live migration without interruption, broad platform support that includes x64, x86, AMD64, and EM64T, as well as detailed resource control and management. Because of its efficient design and reduced overhead, Parallels Virtuozzo is a popular choice by webmasters who require production servers with real life data and live applications.

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