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IT research firm Gartner recently reported that “the levels of hype around cloud computing in the IT industry are deafening, with every vendor expounding its cloud strategy and variations.” As cloud services become more affordable and efficient, it is expected that the embracement of the cloud is going to increase.
Smaller enterprise are now taking advantage of cloud technology. According to Vineet Jain, CEO of cloud-storage server Egnyte, “The trend toward adoption has been particularly pronounced in smaller companies due to the technology’s cost-effectiveness and ready accessibility.” According to Jain, “Beefing up security has been the biggest area that has made some institutions hesitant about signing on to the Cloud.” As well, for small business, the uncertainty about cloud technology has been for the most part outweighed by the benefits. Neil Cross, managing director of IT outsourcing firm Advanced 365, said, “Cloud computing technologies are evolving rapidly and with an increasing number of options to choose from it’s hardly surprising that SMEs are struggling to understand the cloud and how it could work for them.”
Dan Stechow, CEO of Select-A-Branch, a client of Central Desktop, felt that the cloud allowed companies, especially smaller ones, to focus on “product versus management.” Stechow said, “The arrival of cloud technology is part of a long-term trend toward the commoditization of Internet space,” and he insisted that “the barriers to broader adoption are purely psychological.” He noted, “You’re turning everything into a product that you used to build on a one-off basis…you can build the service once, and use it an infinite number of times.”
Small and medium sized businesses will benefit greatly from cloud computing because the cloud server has maximum up-time, high processing power, and is much less expensive than other servers When using cloud computing, a company is able to improve their capabilities and capacity without having to obtain more staff, infrastructure, and software licenses.
Only when cloud providers educate businesses about the cloud to alleviate their concerns about security in the cloud and its technology which includes its benefits and improvements in compliance and security, the popularity of the cloud will increase. For instance, one of the biggest drivers of businesses adopting the private cloud is compliance. As well, more businesses are adopting the hybrid cloud because it is easy to keep really sensitive data in-house.

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