Why Medium Sized Firms Should Invest In Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Recent research conducted by IBM revealed that medium-sized firms are hoping to invest in cloud computing this year. The results of the study revealed that “two-thirds of those questioned say that they are either planning or currently deploying cloud-based measures in a bid to improve IT systems management and reduce costs.” The study indicates that both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are realizing the benefits that cloud computing will bring to their computing infrastructure.
Another study of 2,000 mid-sized companies across 20 countries conducted by KS&R Inc, found that “more than half plan to increase their budgets for tech spending in the next 12 to 18 months.”  An important IT priority listed by many of the companies that were surveyed included investing in cloud computing. The study indicates medium sized businesses are investing more in their IT infrastructure and realize that cloud computing must be a part of that investment. They are realizing that cloud computing promises new opportunities in the advancement of economic growth.
Many medium-sized businesses are enjoying the easy to understand and use administration tools as well as the user-friendly interface. They also appreciate the advantage of having the ability to easily and quickly move users without disrupting their IT infrastructure or network. Another important benefit many businesses have cited is that their employees are able to check their inbox anywhere they have an internet connection and at any time.
With the Cloud, medium sized businesses enjoy freedom from the responsibility of performing such tasks as: physically securing their computing infrastructure, performing regular backups, and other issues associated with their Hardware because the cloud offers such benefits, as well as new innovative computing capabilities. For instance, to meet workload demands, in real-time resources can be provisioned and de-provisioned, resource usage is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, and services from the cloud are available from the web allowing users to include cell phones and other devices.
Many companies are now using the cloud model to pool the information that drives their business decisions. More companies are comfortable with cloud computing and are discovering that they have better integrated CRM solutions. To attain the same advantages from CRM as large enterprises, medium sized businesses can employ a cloud strategy to gain the operational and cost advantages and additional benefits available only through the Cloud. A cloud based server gives a business the ability to level the playing field which explains why more medium-sized firms are hoping to invest in Cloud Computing.

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