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Protecting and backing up the computer data of a business is vital and should never be ignored. A recently released report by the Aberdeen Group entitled ‘Small and Mid-Sized Organizations Gain Disaster Recovery Advantages Using Cloud Storage’ has revealed that for the most part, companies using public cloud storage are meeting all of their recovery time objectives (RTOs) while companies who do not use the cloud are frequently not attaining their RTO objectives.
The findings of the Aberdeen Group study has revealed that companies that use public cloud storage recover nearly 4-times faster from an IT-associated downtime incident than companies that merely store their critical data onsite. Small and mid-sized companies are greatly benefiting from the disaster recovery features because unlike larger companies, they are utilizing public cloud storage more often.
Other important findings of the Aberdeen Report include:
1. It was found that 46% of the users of public cloud storage have the highest performing disaster recovery programs which made them more likely to have a better disaster recovery program.
2. The study revealed that non-cloud storage and cloud storage users have comparable recovery time objectives of around twelve hours. Cloud storage users achieved their RTO 100% of the time while non-cloud users only met the objective 80% of the time.
3. Companies that use a public cloud to store their business critical data have reduced IT-associated downtime incidents by 9 percent in the last twelve months. Those who keep their data on-site had a reduction of just 4.7 percent.
On-site backup systems are at more risk of unauthorized access, data theft, data loss, or having their data corrupted in the event of an outage. Cloud providers have an encrypted infrastructure network for their data storage that includes redundant backups at multiple server locations. Cloud storage allows businesses to maintain its most up-to-date data in the cloud, giving employees access to information anytime and anywhere there is computer device and an internet connection. Cloud storage providers are professionally managed as they have to ensure there is no data loss or theft.
When a business stores its data in the cloud, they benefit from high availability, resiliency, and secure protection. The Aberdeen Group’s report clearly shows the benefits of the Cloud when it comes to maintaining Cloud Business Continuity. Business owners will have peace of mind when using a cloud for protecting and storing their vital business data.

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