How iSCSI SAN Technology Solves Data Storage Problems


Data storage service providers are focused on choosing the best storage technologies to meet their customers’ increasing data storage requirements. They also work to ensure properly deployed and supported tools for their client’s data storage needs.  iSCSI SANs are efficient storage area networks due to their efficient storage technology that will meet just about any size business’s storage needs.
iSCSI is an effective approach for storage data transmission over IP networks. iSCSI is used to arrange data transfers over intranets as well as to effectively manage storage over far distances. The iSCSI protocol is able to increase the performance and capabilities of storage data transmission.  iSCSI can be used to transmit data over WANs (Wide Area networks) and LANs (local area networks), or the internet. As well, it can facilitate independent location data storage and retrieval. When an application or end user transmits a request, the operating system generates SCSI commands and the data request. A packet header is added and sent over an Ethernet connection. When a packet is received, it is decrypted and then disassembled which separates the SCSI commands from the request.
iSCSI storage is an effective method to provide scalable storage space to any number of servers over a network. An iSCSI SAN storage service is a complete solution for local and remote file storage. You have the ability to offload live file serving to one redundant, scalable storage array. With the web management interface, you can set your iSCSI initiators, configure your storage volumes, and perform backups and restores in an instant. With iSCSI, you get high scalability and high performance over a standard IP network.
Beneficial features of iSCSI include: mount logical storage volumes over the network as though they are physical disks placed within the server, additional data redundancy, faster I/O performance than internal disks, highly scalable so storage space can be expanded in an instant, and it is compatible with all servers.
You can buy specific iSCSI plans such as 50 GB at $50/mo, 100 GB at $75/mo, 250 GB at $185/mo, 500 GB at $375/mo, 1000 GB at $750/mo, and 2000 GB at $1500/mo. By combining Ethernet networks with advanced storage features, iSCSI SAN is able to deliver easy storage management and consolidation solutions at affordable prices.
Today, IT professionals require consolidated storage solutions for their vital applications. iSCSI SAN vendors are now able to deliver cost-efficient solutions for storage and data protection. As well, using boot from SAN capability, the servers can be deployed or decommissioned without any application disruptions. Storage consolidation reduces points of management and expands device connectivity and virtualization to deliver a flexible and centralized method of management. The result is less complex infrastructure and a reduction in administrative overhead. Offered by a number of providers, iSCSI SAN is a storage system that is well worth considering

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