How Colocation Can Save your Company A Lot of Money

In today’s business world, finding ways to reduce expenses without compromising capability is a goal all entrepreneurs share. Given the importance of computer technology and online interaction, colocation is the perfect place to start. Right now, its concept is unquestionably one of the best solutions on the market.
So, what exactly is colocation, and how can it be used to save your business significant operational costs? Here’s all you need to know.
What is Colocation?
Colocation is a term that ultimately describes the process of housing privately-owned servers and networking equipment at a third-party data center. Rather than maintaining the necessary facilities themselves, businesses can piggyback on existing infrastructure by renting space.
Space is rented out in ‘racks’ and ‘cabinets,’ which includes all the power, bandwidth, IP addresses, and cooling systems needed to run your system optimally. GigeNET’s colocation solutions allow you to choose from a full, half, or quarter rack, or as little as a single serverall powered by a premium network, backed by our 100% uptime guarantee, and supported around the clock to ensure you’re maximizing your business potential.
Enterprise Class Facilities for a Fraction of the Price
Taking the in-house approach to building a data center will require a huge financial outlay for your business. It is suggested that tier three data centers cost roughly $900 per square foot, which means the costs are likely to greatly outweigh those of colocation, often exponentially so.  Factor in the costs of expanding your data center to account for future growth, and it is clear why most small-to-midsize operations will find that colocation is the best solution for both immediate and long-term financial situations.
Colocation enables small to mid-sized businesses the opportunity to get all the benefits of an enterprise level data center without the cost of one. By deploying your existing infrastructure with GigeNET, you not only eliminate the hassle and costs of building and running your own data center but also gain benefits typically found only in large, enterprise-level facilities.  
At GigeNET, these benefits include multiple layers of redundancy for vital systemspower, HVAC, and networking. In addition, you gain access to optimized, low-latency networks from a variety of carriers to maximize your online presence, all in a physically secure environment to meet your compliance needs. Access is controlled by swipe cards and staff who are present 24/7 with cameras constantly recording activity throughout the facility.
Expert Staffing
As with any part of your business, the quality of the staff will have a huge impact on your operations. Can your in-house data center match the 24/7 access to world-class technicians that GigeNET colocation services provide?
Colocation gives you continuous access to a team of certified experts that specialize in data center activities and will handle inquiries and process requests for you. As part of the service, it’s not only more cost-effective but also saves you valuable time better spent focusing on your primary business goals.
Colocation isn’t the best solution for every business, but more and more startups and SMEs are taking advantage of this approach. To discover more about the possibilities for your specific business model, contact GigeNET today.

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