High Bandwidth Dedicated Servers: Unmetered Servers

For websites that are growing at a significant rate, the transfer of data can be very expensive, especially when server providers charge a customer a hefty fee for using more than the allotted bandwidth. For most server owners, it is quite distressing to see a monthly bandwidth fee that has a high bandwidth overage fee. The best solution to avoid bandwidth overage fees is using an unmetered server, meaning there are no charges for data transfer usage.

What is an unmetered server?

Hosting companies that provide unmetered servers do not charge on the basis of the amount of bandwidth used. The customer will pay a monthly flat fee. Customers have a choice between two types of unmetered servers – one providing a shared connection, and the other that uses a dedicated connection. GigeNET offers fully dedicated connection at 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps. Data transfer is limited by the speed of the connection.
In a shared hosting environment, providers use a shared connection whereby several servers share a single connection. The speed a shared connection provider offers will be split between multiple servers. The speed that an individual customer gets will depend on how many servers they are sharing with. The service is more affordable but limits the amount of available bandwidth.
When it comes to your server’s network connection, an unmetered server will allow you to pay for up-link speed instead of the data transfer. The advantages of unmetered servers are numerous and include nearly no downtime, cost-efficiency, and improved security. More bandwidth allows for faster downloads of your website. Dedicated connections will satisfy the demands of just about any bandwidth intensive application.

Who needs an unmetered server?

  1. Growing Businesses: If you have a business website that is growing and expanding, it is essential that you look into purchasing a dedicated server to meet changing technical demands. Once you have decided to enlist the services of a dedicated hosting provider, you will have to determine how much bandwidth you will require. When you lease a dedicated server, one service that you will be paying for is internet connectivity.
  2. High traffic blogs or websites: If you have a high traffic website, are looking for a server upgrade, unmetered servers are a good choice for making sure you are not overwhelmed with bandwidth overage fees. When choosing the unmetered server special that best meets your specific needs, it is important to understand the differences between the two types of services – shared connection and dedicated lines, so that you make a well-informed and wise decision.
  3. Startups: Unmetered Servers are the way to go for startups. Not knowing the anticipated traffic for an application, a website can lead to billing issues. With a known budget and a flat monthly fee, startups are sure to not worry about potential overages and unexpected expenses.

How do unmetered dedicated servers work?

When receiving connectivity to the servers, you will be given a particular service that is limited to the volume of data that you are allowed each month. One option to effectively manage the amount of data transfer is using an Unmetered Server. An unmetered server allows you to pay for speed up-link instead of data transfer to the server’s network connection.
You can get a large amount of bandwidth without paying enormous fees. GigeNET’s servers use dedicated connections to successfully manage the demand of high bandwidth applications and sites. The benefits of unmetered servers include cost-efficiency, almost no downtime, and enhanced security.
Unmetered server services involve billing clients only for the capacity of bandwidth that they have purchased. The service provider will monitor your server account to ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limits so you do not incur overcharges. You will be protected against being charged for more bandwidth that you agreed in the contract. Server providers charge unmetered services based on the gigabyte (GB) which allows for more bandwidth.
If you are running a large-capacity website that expects thousands of visitors every day, you may want to invest in unmetered dedicated hosting. Unmetered services are also recommended for an expanding web business. When choosing any dedicated hosting service, it is always wise to understand the different server packages so that you make a well-informed decision. An Unmetered Server is one server option that is well-worth considering.
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