GigeNET's Customer Portal: Focus on Simplicity and Control

GigeNET’s new customer portal focused on decreasing complexity of common tasks and increased architectural control.
GigeNET, an innovator in resilient managed cloud and dedicated hosting, announces the reimagining of their customer portal. After considerable feedback from customers and the help of several skilled UX designers, GigeNET’s customer portal has received more than just a facelift.
Over the course of several months, GigeNET worked with customers to figure out the best ways to reduce the number of steps for common activities. Instead of burying tasks in subpages for a cleaner look, the company went in the direction of ease of use. Design work focused on increasing the intuitive nature of the portal by adding color coding and cleaning up font design for maximum readability.
“At GigeNET, projects like this one begin and end with the customer. The changes in our portal are not game-changing, nor revolutionary. It is our deliberate movement towards providing a better experience for our customers,” said David Dunlap, VP of Sales and Marketing.
The portal revamp also showcases the efforts of the newly created Customer Advisory Board. Currently, the board only includes a handful of customers to act as a proof of concept. Plans to grow out the board are being set based on the considerable accomplishments made thus far.
“This is less about talking about our customer portal and more about reaffirming our commitment to our customers. Let’s face it, every company that reaches our level offers a portal with varying degrees of success. In our case, we spent months of gathering customers’ feedback on bottlenecks and areas of improvement and we made those changes happen. Over the next few months, we are going to be rolling out more customer-centric upgrades and policies,” said Joe De Paola, SVP of Products. “This also serves as a proof-of-concept for the efforts of our Customer Advisory Board and so far they have been well received.”

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