Comparing Dedicated Servers vs Cloud Computing

Dedicated Hosting

To get the most benefit of a website, you need a proper web host. Two such choices that most webmasters will choose are a dedicated server and cloud computing. Many people can be confused about which host they should choose. The key is to choosing a dedicated server or cloud computing is to understand the differences between the two types of hosting.

Differences Between Dedicated Servers vs Cloud Computing

  1. Deployment time: The time it takes to deploy the servers are different. With a cloud server, once you contract for the server, you will have a ready-made server that is ready for use. You be given a variety of options so you can make choices that meet your specific enterprise needs. With a dedicated server, it will have to be configured so it will take a bit longer to deploy.
  2. Scalability: When it comes to scalability, the cloud is very scalable which includes vertical scaling, adding hardware, and horizontal scaling, adding network to balance the load. However, when it comes to dedicated server scalability, it can take a bit of time for new backup server creation or the host service has to be down. Reliability will depend on the quality of the host service. Both are very reliable when you have a good host service provider.
  3. Bandwidth: When it comes to managing high traffic demand, both can have trouble dealing with sudden pressure from the sudden flood of a high number visitors, however, the quality of the service provider is a factor in reducing any problems that arise when the server is hit with a high amount of traffic.
  4. Price: The price of the servers is another factor to consider. Cloud servers are much more affordable than dedicated servers. In cloud servers, clients only pay for the usage of the hosting space and services. However, in dedicated servers, clients purchase a certain amount of space and bandwidth, whether used or not, which can increase the costs of the server.

Both dedicated and the cloud hosting offer distinct advantages so it depends on your needs.  If you want pay per usage, cloud is the best choice. If you know the limit of space you require now and in the future, a dedicated server is a good choice. You will have the option of acquiring more space. Many people are choosing a hybrid of cloud and dedicated to get superior service.
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