What is Distributed Denial of Service Protected Hosting?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become more prevalent and are now considered among the highest types of attacks against a web server. DDoS attacks have resulted in not just taking websites temporarily offline, but also shutting websites down for days. Because of malicious attacks such as Wikileaks ‘Operation Payback,’ more enterprises are taking these attacks seriously and are looking for effective anti-DDoS technology. There are now efficient anti-DDoS technologies available to safeguard web servers. DDoS protected hosting is an efficient and affordable solution to preventing malicious DDoS attacks.
DDoS protected hosting provides protection for your website from DDoS attacks. The objective is to respond to the attack using DDoS prevention measures. DDoS attacks normally operate by driving an overwhelming amount of web traffic to a targeted server so that the server can no longer function properly and stops working. The authentic traffic is then lost. When there is a sudden spike in IP traffic and unfiltered IP traffic starts to increase, this is usually an indication that a DDoS attack is making its way into the network. Anti-DDoS software will start filtering the traffic immediately until the traffic slows down to normal levels. This is an indication that the attack has been mitigated. A couple of minutes later the traffic is flowing in at normal levels while remaining filtered, and authentic traffic continues to flow undisrupted.
By placing a website behind a ProxyShield mitigation system, DDoS attacks will be effectively stopped which would have resulted in extended periods of downtime Businesses benefit from complete protection for their website IP address, and automatic detection and filtering of DoS / DDoS attacks. DDoS protected hosting provides clients with the most current technology to ensure their websites are protected from malevolent elements. When choosing DDoS protected hosting, it is important to understand the level the protection the service provides to ensure that you have the most reliable services for DDoS protection.
Website downtime caused by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cost your business hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. Today, DDoS attacks aimed at shutting down websites have become one of the most costly computer crimes. If you have a growing e-commerce site, it is essential that you have complete DDoS attack protection. DDoS protected hosting is the most efficient and most affordable DDoS security solution.

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