Leveraging CapEx Servers with Colocation Hosting

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Colocation Hosting is one type of server hosting that is well worth considering. Colocation hosting gives businesses an efficient way to host their servers and equipment while improving their business operations, cutting their capital costs, and improving their service levels.
About Colocation
With Colocation hosting, the physical server machine is put in a data center and placed in the provider’s rack and they use the bandwidth as their own. Or, a server machine is rented from the colocation provider. The hosting company provides the bandwidth, IP, and power.  Businesses will not have to invest in IT infrastructure that includes maintaining a data center. Instead of managing equipment, colocation also allows a company to manage business performance. Colocation providers have the knowledge, expert staff, and experience required to operate a data center. Businesses will have peace of mind knowing that their IT environment is managed to their required service level goals.
With colocation hosting, the hosting company provides and maintains the internet connectivity and security of the database facility such as physical security protection, uninterrupted power supplies, air-conditioning, and flood and fire controls. As well, the customer will choose the hardware configuration of the server and the software that will be installed on the server.
Colocation Pricing
When it comes to colocation pricing, the customer pays for the physical space that their server takes up in the data center facility. Colocation pricing is based on a number of factors such as the amount of conditioned power required and how the power is delivered such as active-active, active, or active-passive. Network connectivity and other remote support services may affect the costs for colocation services. When purchasing colocation services, factors that should be taken into consideration include: space, power, network, remote support, and service level agreement. Colocation hosting is a cost-effective way to host a website as customers pay for only the amount of space they need. Full Cabinet Colocation is ideal for businesses requiring data center space to hold multiple servers.
Ideal IT Enterprise Solution
Risk mitigation, data backup and disaster recovery are important features offered through colocation. Customers will rest easy knowing their data stays secure and safe. Other important advantages of colocation hosting include: high performance, plenty of space and bandwidth, secure monitoring of the servers, flexible resource allocation, and dynamic scalability. Colocation hosting is a perfect hosting solution for a business seeking to grow a high performing website without the hassle of maintaining the server infrastructure.
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