What is Citrix Xen and what are the benefits?


The Xen was invented by Ian Pratt and his team at the University of Cambridge, and developed in cooperation with the world’s top engineers at more than twenty data center vendors, Xen is a distinctive open source technology that serves as an effective virtualization solution.
The XenServer contains a thin software layer known as the Xen hypervisor which is installed directly on the ‘bare metal,’ or hardware. In doing so, it is placed in between the operating system and the server’s hardware. The Xen hypervisor is less than 50,000 lines of code which allows for very low overhead. The result is an abstraction layer that gives each physical server the capability of running one or multiple ‘virtual servers.’ The effect is a decoupling of the operating system and its applications from the underlying physical server.
Known for being the most secure and quickest virtualization software, Xen’s paravirtualization technology is enhanced by its utilization of the most current Intel VT and AMD-V hardware virtualization assist capabilities. The Citrix XenServer is a native 64-bit virtualization platform that contains the scalability needed for vital business applications. Designed for effective management of Linux and Windows virtual machines, the immense powering of the Citrix XenServer is the result of a built upon fully managed server virtualization platform.
The XenServer is a popular choice for data center automation and server virtualization. It is business-ready and cloud-proven virtualization platform that allows one to create and manage a virtual infrastructure. There are many benefits to the XenServer that include: consolidating servers and decreasing cooling, power, and data center space requirements will reduce costs, the provisioning of new servers and IT services within minutes allows for increased IT flexibility, performance levels and application requirements are always met, reduced impact caused by a failure, and there is effective protection against disasters. The result is high performance and minimized downtime.
As well as a 64-bit hypervisor, centralized management, and live migration, there are conversion tools that allow for the creation of a virtual platform that optimizes performance and guest density. The XenServer extends the platform to enable any size organization to automate and integrate management processes which delivers an effective virtual datacenter solution.
The Citrix XenServer offers a number of versions that provide essential features and functions to meet the needs of any virtualization environment. The Citrix XenServer provides all of the business features needed to integrate, manage, and automate a virtual data center allowing it to deliver cost-effective server consolidation and business continuity. If you are looking for a high-performance server for your business website, consider exploring the benefits of a Citrix XenServer.
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