The Top Five Benefits of Managed Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Managed cloud computing is when a cloud provider providing the managing of scalable, on-demand, and redundant computing resources which are virtualized on many servers. Managed cloud hosting has the security and reliability of private cloud hosting, but it is as cost efficient as a public cloud. Clients will pay for a managed cloud hosting service normally through monthly contracts.
Benefits of managed cloud hosting include:

  1. High Availability: Built around high availability private cloud architecture, the managed cloud makes use of efficient redundancy with its numerous servers and SAN network and storage security. The result is efficient fail-over protection.
  2. Automatic Fail-over and Resource Balancing: If any host fails, cloud servers will benefit from the high availability infrastructure. Resource balancing and fail-over between hardware hosts is automatically controlled at the virtualization level. In addition, there is the ability to maintain and update the hardware and software.
  3. Network Security: Secure firewalls, VLANs, and IDS/IPS can be put in the cloud servers to provide a highly secure environment that can found on private cloud solutions.
  4. Create a Hybrid of Physical and Virtual Servers: Database engines and applications that are unable to maintain the requirements for high performance on a virtual server, or have to run on a physical server in order to access all of the hardware resources, have the ability to share a dedicated network with cloud servers. The result is the creation of virtual servers and physical servers on the same system.
  5. Cost Efficient: When you look at the costs of a managed cloud on a monthly payment structure, it is as cost efficient as the majority of public clouds. As well, resources and services are charged on a per use basis.

Managed cloud computing provides enterprise with the availability and the security of a dedicated private cloud at a much less expensive cost. It is designed to reduce total administration costs while improving server efficiency. Businesses can focus on their business operations instead of dealing with monitoring of the server for glitches and downtime.
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