Why You Need Advanced DNS: Reliability & Security

Cloud Computing

The IT industry is seeing more services being moved to the cloud. The result has been customers in search of host providers that provide high availability ensuring continual up-time. Server reliability is an essential feature businesses are looking for when choosing a cloud host. Many IT experts say that cloud hosting companies need advanced DNS solutions to improve reliability.
Businesses want DNS Protection
DNS is a system for naming computers and network services that is organized into a hierarchy of domains. The Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure consists of DNS servers that run the DNS Server service and DNS clients that run the DNS Client service. In recent years, there has been an increase in size and number of attacks against the DNS. DDoS attacks against DNS infrastructure are a major concern for businesses. As well, they are also worried about advanced DNS hijacking attacks. Recent research from Arbor Networks revealed that “ 35% of organizations responding that such attacks as their biggest fear” The study also revealed that “over a quarter of all DDoS attacks target application-layer protocols such as DNS, with the largest attacks amounting to almost 50 Gigabytes per second (Gbps).”
Cloud Security Solutions
There are a number of measures cloud providers can take to strengthen their DNS infrastructure. They can add a secondary DNS provider to carry the extra load when there is an attack. Integrating a second DNS provider will help reduce bottlenecks in the current DNS infrastructure. It also helps ensure continual up-time whether is a planned or unplanned maintenance. It is also important to integrate diversity where each node in provisioned by multiple connectivity providers. This will eliminate single points of failure in the DNS. As well, you can mitigate an attack for all host customers by building a strong DNS infrastructure which is distributed using IP Anycast. This will help boost performance for end users and minimize latency. Advanced DNS is an effective solution to helping a cloud host maintain continual up-time which is a very attractive feature for businesses looking for a reliable host provider.

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