When Should you Upgrade to a Dedicated Server

Most people begin their business using a shared web hosting plan. However, they’ll eventually have to upgrade to a website host that will give them with the features and functions that allows them to grow their website. One type of server people will choose when they upgrade is a dedicated server. However, many people do not know when to upgrade to a dedicated server.

How to determine when to upgrade to a dedicated server:

  • Website Performance
    There are many indications that in the performance of the website that will tell you that it is time to upgrade to a dedicated server. For instance, a slow loading website and the server going offline due to too many server requests is a sign it is time to upgrade. Shared hosting only has so much allotted resources such as bandwidth and disk space so if you start receiving a lot of traffic, you may experience instances of downtime. You can resolve this problem by upgrading to a dedicated server hosting plan where you will receive more resources to maintain a high performance site. As well, if you have a lot of graphics and video content, you should upgrade as you will need more bandwidth and disk space.
  • Number of Website Visitors
    You should considering upgrading to a dedicated server if you get more than 100 visitors a day. Upgrading to a dedicated server will give you the resources that you will require to handle thousands of requests to access your website.
  • Number of Websites
    If you are managing a number of websites, a shared hosting service will likely not be able to accommodate the traffic so it is wise to upgrade to a dedicated server if you have more than 5 websites. You will be provided with the resources to maintain multiple high performance sites. In most situations, you can host up to fifty websites without experiencing any technical problems.

Most people generally begin their online business using a shared hosting service. However, it is inevitable that they will have to upgrade to accommodate their business needs and expand their website presence on the web. When you know when it is time to upgrade to a dedicated server, you can better make the transition without having to deal with any disruptions or technical problems.
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