New Developments For Citrix XenServer Deliver IT On-Demand


Citrix Systems is a leading provider of virtual computing solutions that assists enterprise with delivering IT as an on-demand service. Built on the Xen hypervisor, the Citrix XenServer is a completely managed server virtualization platform. The Citrix XenServer is a native 64-bit virtualization platform with the scalability required by business-critical applications. As a thin software layer, Xen hypervisor is installed directly onto the hardware. In doing so, it is placed in between the server’s hardware and the operating system which provides an abstraction layer that allows each physical server to run one or multiple ‘virtual servers.’ As well, the Xen hypervisor is very lean which results in very low overhead and near-native performance for guests. Citrix new version of Citrix XenServer provides improved storage and cloud provisioning and customer reaction to the new enhancement has been overwhelmingly positive.
The development of Citrix new version of Citrix XenServer was part of a strategy to speed up the rate of data center virtualization and monetize more advanced virtualization management features. With the release of Advanced Storage Optimization for virtual desktop integration (VDI) for XenServer 5.6, Feature Pack 1, the new enhancements in the Citrix XenServer provide new functionality. It improves storage and support cloud services to meet the demands of desktop virtualization. Citrix claims “that it would make VDI deployments more cost-efficient by offloading all temporary desktop read-write traffic from costly storage systems onto server-side spinning disks or high speed solid state drives (SSDs).” In the new version, Citrix technology called Intellicache recognizes which data of the data is temporary and as a result will not have to be saved in a high-priced NAS or SAN system
Citrix has also launched a model called ‘Integrated Virtual Switching’ which is designed to allow IT administrators to effectively manage traffic from various sources. Built on industry standard practices such as OpenFlow, the new Citrix technology can be used to provide IT administrators with an integrated network structure for effective management of on-site and off-site resources. Citrix is claiming strong growth in the server virtualization market because of its growth in desktop virtualization and among cloud providers. Citrix Xen is trusted by enterprise that demands the highest performing platform to run their most critical business applications

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