Fundamental Features Of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Within the managed hosting industry, there are various types of hosting services available. One such hosting server is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting. This type of managed hosting is chosen when there is higher traffic demands and the business needs a more private solution. With managed dedicated server hosting, the host company provides the setup, installation, and monitoring services 24/7/365. This allows customers to focus on other business areas such as marketing and increasing sales.

Features of managed dedicated server hosting include:

  • Effortless Management: The hosting provider offers a wide range of support services such security monitoring and updates, hardware upgrades, software installation and upgrades, firewall and other security installation, backups and much more.
  • Affordable IT Enterprise Solutions: Although a managed dedicated server costs more than an unmanaged server, the services provided make it a very economical solution as it frees up time to focus on other business tasks and the business does not have to hire extra IT staff, hardware, software, and other equipment.
  • Improved Security: With managed dedicated server hosting, the server is private and not shared with others so security is improved and the host company provides the most up-to-date security solutions. As well, they provide disaster recovery and server backup restoration services in the event of hardware failure.
  • High-Performance: By being the only customer using the hardware provided by the host company, resources do not drain quickly so high-performance and availability are maintained and any problems that arise are resolved quickly.  The server is monitored 24x7x365 to ensure the server operates at peak performance levels. There is also high reliability as instances of server downtime is greatly reduced.
  • 100% Resources: Managed Dedicated Servers provide customers with a wide range of resources and features such various web applications and services, various programming languages, and a large amount of bandwidth and disk space to meet high traffic demands.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting allows you to host your own business website in a very flexible and dynamic manner that will give you the ability to grow your business online.

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