Dedicated Servers vs. Virtual Servers: A Comparison

Dedicated Hosting

A successful web site depends on a good web host, however, it is equally important to choose the right type of server. There are a number of server types available with two such server choices are dedicated servers and virtual servers. The basic difference between the two types of servers is with virtual servers you are sharing the server resources with many other webmasters on the same server. With dedicated servers, the server is yours only which gives you privacy and greater control over your resources. With virtual server hosting, many websites share a single machine with a single IP address. With dedicated hosting, a single machine is dedicated to a single customer. If you are looking to host a small website that is not vital for business, virtual hosting may be a good solution.
If you need a website has 100% uptime and you want control of  all the options and features, dedicated hosting servers may be the solution. With a VPS you have your domain placed on a server, which has multiple VPS clients on the server and there tends to be similar issues with resource restrictions that are seen in a shared environment. A VPS offers some options as allowing more flexibility with software installs, scripts, and coding. As well, with a VPS, some software does not run well in a virtualized environment.
Many webmasters choose dedicated servers due to their high performance, high availability, reliability, and security. For webmasters who need more bandwidth and space, dedicated servers are a perfect choice. A dedicated server provides complete control of your hosting solution as you can install any program that you want and update programs anytime. Dedicated servers are a good choice for people who need room to grow their website and these servers are often chosen by people who have outgrown a VPS. Dedicated servers are an ideal choice if you have high traffic demands, want to host multiple sites on the one server, require a feature not offered on a virtual server, need a high level of security, and they want full control of software installations.

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