Dedicated Hosting Benefits Media-Driven Websites

Dedicated Hosting

Multi-media has now become a major feature on the internet as a way to improve marketing strategies. Nearly every industry is now getting their webmasters to incorporate their media in their marketing campaigns. Businesses are realizing the benefits of adding videos to their website and marketing campaigns such as social network marketing which is resulting in reaching more potential customers and boosting website traffic. Adding videos also helps to improve search engine ranking as it improves such traffic statistics as page view time and bounce rate. When you use dedicated hosting to host your website containing various media, you will reap the benefits that dedicated hosting provides.
Below are the main benefits of using a dedicated host to host a website that will have videos running on the site:
Increased Disk Space: Videos are one of the largest types of files and take up a lot of disk space. For instance, a 5 minute video can take up about 10MB. When you host videos on your website, you will need plenty of disk space. With a dedicated host plan, you will be able to get the exact amount of disk space you need to host the videos. All that you have to do is calculate how much space you will need.
Increased Bandwidth: The amount of bandwidth you have determines how much traffic can come to your site. The more bandwidth you have, the better it is to host your videos because it will make video load times much faster which is important because users do not like waiting for websites to load.  With a dedicate host, you have the ability to get enough bandwidth to host hundred of thousands of visitors and the site will maintain its high performance. As well, a dedicated hosting environment means you are the only one accessing the web server which allows for higher performance.
With so many benefits to using videos on a website, dedicated hosting is beneficial to ensuring that you can effectively run your web videos while maintaining a high performance website.

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