Build It Right The First Time

Right-sizing is not about cutting resources or radically changing your environment. It is about finding the best options while taking your process into account. Even then we typically save customers 40% off their monthly costs. Our solution architects audit your infrastructure, finding optimization points you may have missed or haven’t had time to find. Optimizations are based on workload size, workload type, anticipated growth, and life cycle best practices.

Here’s exactly how we build your systems right the first time:

Step 1: Capturing

Going through a scoping document we look at the resources you currently need, go over growth projections, technologies you plan to use. This process provides the background knowledge necessary to find the right size.

Step 2: Presenting

We present the planned environment, optimized from your feedback, and jointly agree on the best environment that solves your problems and applies best practices.

Step 3: Solutioning

Our solution architects draft the best fit environment for your workloads accounting for size, type, anticipated growth, and life-cycle best practices.

Step 4: Building

A deeper dive into the customer’s configuration begins. As system administrators on both sides build out the configuration information the hardware is assembled. Each phase is inspected by quality control and thoroughly tested to ensure the system is built right from the start.

Step 5: Delivering

Your team is introduced to our team, controls, portals, and user management. All support documentation is presented and a QBR process is determined.

Build The System Right

It is GigeNET’s policy to build the system right from the start. By building the system properly, we eliminate a lot of the conflict found with hosted IT. Customers are not given needless upgrades, the amount of errors is greatly reduced, and the efficiency of the system is maximized. It also greatly reduces our support staff’s workload.
How well do we design our systems? Our support runs at 20% capacity. To fill that other 80% of the work day we have them train and pick up certifications. Our support techs have the time and knowledge to solve your toughest problems.
Ready to build it right?

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