Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Businesses of all sizes are being faced with many options when it comes to hosting their website, application, and mail servers. Shared hosting is by far the most common, where a single server’s resources are shared by a number of different users. However, if you are a company looking for more control and stability, it might make more sense to opt for dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting involves leasing an entire server from a provider, giving you full access to all of that server’s resources rather than to just a fraction. The hosting provider owns the hardware, keeping your up-front costs significantly lower than buying and operating a server yourself. There are many advantages to choosing dedicated hosting so take a look at the reasons here.
Servers Aren’t Shared
That fact that you are not sharing a server with any other users is the primary feature that sets dedicated hosting apart from shared hosting. This core aspect is what drives many of the benefits derived from this type of hosting. Dedicated hosting gives you full control over the environment, reputation, stability, and security of your server because you are not sharing it with any other clients of your hosting company.
More Stability

If you are looking to maintain maximum uptime for your server and services, then a dedicated server can assist with this. Shared hosting can work for websites that have low traffic, but if you are expecting a lot of traffic this will be the better choice for you. This is because it is much more stable and reliable than shared hosting. Your services will have access to the full resources of the server, without having to worry about losing resources to another user during their peak times or when they run a bad script.

Greater Security

When you have a dedicated server you can also have confidence that you aren’t sharing any space with virus-ridden websites or spammers. Your environment won’t be vulnerable to the lax security practices of other users. Dedicated hosting will give you much better security which is especially important if your business handles a lot of sensitive data.

Your IP Address is Unique
Every server will have a unique IP address, but with shared hosting, you often have to share it with many other websites. You risk your rank being pushed down if one of the other websites is sending spam or contains explicit content. When you choose dedicated hosting, you have access to your own server with a unique IP address and far better control over that IP’s reputation, which is important for everyone, but vital for eCommerce sites.
Greater Flexibility
When you choose a dedicated server, you will have greater flexibility when it comes to server customization. You will be able to choose the platform and software that best fits your business needs. In addition, any software updates or hardware changes happen on your schedule without having to coordinate with other users of the server — because there are no other users.
Lower Up-Front Cost
With dedicated hosting, you can get your services up and running at a fraction of the cost it would take to purchase and host a physical server yourself. In addition to the full cost of the server itself, you gain all the benefits of being in a world-class data center without the price tag of building out your own facility. Redundant power systems with UPS, Powerful HVAC, humidity control and high-bandwidth, low-latency internet connections are some of the expensive benefits you get by hosting with a dedicated hosting provider.
No Need to Maintain Equipment
When you choose a dedicated server, you eliminate the headache of maintaining the equipment yourself. As owners of the server, the hosting provider is responsible for all hardware maintenance and for keeping an inventory of spare parts. In addition, should downtime be necessary for any replacements or upgrades, there are no other users of the server with whom to coordinate.
It is clear that dedicated hosting exists in the sweet spot between shared hosting and hosting a server yourself. While shared hosting can be less expensive, dedicating hosting removes the stress of sharing a server and all the pitfalls that come with shared hosting, but with a much smaller price tag and fewer headaches than doing it yourself. Whether you are on a tight budget or looking to invest in better resources and more stability and security, you will need to base your decision on your business needs. Most businesses find that a dedicated hosting provider is by far the best option.

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