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  • <center>Automated DDoS Protection</center>

    Automated DDoS Protection

    Add to any NEW server for $100/month

    Offering a limited time discount on our newest service! Keep your server protected from DDoS attacks at all times, instead of taking down your business!

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  • Interworx Clusters

    Interworx Clusters

    Load Balancing and Clustering at Your Fingertips

    Allowing you to set up and manage clustered solutions from a dedicated dashboard, ensure you are getting the most out of your server. Whether you are a re-seller or a heavy duty user looking to keep your websites running, Interworx may be the answer for you.

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  • <center>Dedicated Servers</center>

    Dedicated Servers

    All the customization you need, or as little.

    Offering dedicated servers in two locations - Los Angeles and Chicago - and with prices starting at $159/month, GigeNET has the dedicated server for you.

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  • <center>Cloud Hosting</center>

    Cloud Hosting

    Rapid Deployment and Scalability

    With our easy to use GigeNET Cloud Portal, you can deploy and modify virtual machines at your convenience. With almost unlimited scalability and configurations, this is ideal for growing businesses.

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Special GigeNET Savings and more...

  • Intel E3-1230
    L.A. Bandwidth Sale

    $239   /month
    *Limit one per customer
    • L.A. Bandwidth Special
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • CPU - 3.20GHz
    • Memory - 32GB DDR3
    • Storage - 2x1TB SATA
    • Bandwidth - 100TB
  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5520
    Summer Special

    $179   /month
    *Limit one per customer
    • Special Pricing
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • CPU - 2.26GHz
    • Memory - 12GB DDR3
    • Storage Space - 2TB SATA
    • Bandwidth - 10TB
  • Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2620
    Autumn Sale

    $359   /month
    *Limit one per customer
    • 1Gbps Uplink
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • CPU - 2.00GHz
    • Memory - 16GB DDR3
    • Storage - 1TB SATA
    • Bandwidth - 30TB

Automated DDoS Protection

Peace of Mind Against DDoS Attacks.   Concerned about the potential of your server experiencing a DDoS attack? GigeNET, a pioneer and leader in D

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GigeNET Proxyshield™

Protect your dedicated server(s) from DDoS without moving to a new host.   Did you know DDoS attacks aimed at shutting down websites have replace

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Cloud Servers and Hosting

GigeNET Cloud Hosting   Providing you with the tools and support that you need to offload your IT requirements and focus on growing your business

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GigeNET offers the service, support and most of all the servers you need for your business.

Dedicated Servers Cloud Servers Hybrid Solutions DDoS Protection

A little about GigeNET


Your business requires more than just a server.
You need a partner.

GigeNET provides you with the tools and support you need to offload your IT requirements so that you can focus on growing your business and boosting your bottom line. Read more about GigeNET.

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