The GigeNET Cloud

Providing you with the tools and support that you need to offload your IT requirements and focus on growing your business. GigeNETCloud offers high scalability and available redundant Cloud Hosting in our Chicago, Los Angeles, and Ashburn, VA datacenters. Visit to learn more about our Cloud Servers.

Why GigeNET Cloud?


Cloud servers are usually deployed in a matter of minutes!


Use your cloud for as little as an hour, and only get billed for one hour of use!

Easy Horizontal

With our convenient Cloud Control panel, adjusting your available resources are a breeze.

Easy Vertical

Use our load balancing template services to keep traffic in check or create a clone.


Firewalls, Private Networking, Backups, all managed in the GigeNETCloud Portal.

How the Cloud Works

By using the GigeNET Cloud Hosting, we offer you all the perks of our dedicated hosting, including use of our Epic Support team, access to add on software and the storage you need to run your business.

With special billing options down to as little as one hour, we allow individuals the ability to set up and
run their VM for a short period of time. Great for scaling your cluster, testing software, and easily disposable. For more long term clients, we also offer monthly billing, perfect for small businesses looking
to keep costs in check, and visibility high. Prices starting as low as $25/month.

Location, Location,

GigeNET Cloud Map
Chicago, IL., Los Angeles, CA.,
and Ashburn, VA.

Can’t Decide?

Speak with our sales staff to decide which options best serve your needs.