Total Server Management

The proper partner can greatly extend the life of your data center hardware, protecting your IT investment

GigeNET brings 20 years of technical excellence to support your IT infrastructure. Each member of our support team is an industry veteran with at least five years experience. When they are not solving your toughest problems they are recertifying in one of the industries most rigorous technical training program.

Managed Monitoring
    •   Complete System Health Stats
    •   24/7/365 NOC Monitoring
    •   Secure Trusted Agent (NRPE)
    •   Fully Managed
Total Server Management
    •   Proactive Server Care
    •   24/7/365 Veteran Tech Support Staff
    •   Unlimited Server Management
    •   Managed Monitoring Included
    •   Secure Server+ Included
Secure Server+
    •   OS Hardening*
    •   Anti-Virus Install and Setup
    •   Security Assessment and Scans
    •   Weekly Vulnerability Scans
How Can We Partner with You

Managed Monitoring

Our certified techs setup your server monitoring correctly from the outset with all data points you require ready to go. Our team will also monitor your systems to make sure everything os working properly, notifying you if we see anything out of the ordinary.

 CPU Usage

 Disk I/O Performance Usage

 Disk Usage

 Domain Checks

 HTTPD Check

 Memory Usage

 Network Latency Check

 Network Usage

 Processor Usage

 SSH Daemon

 Swap Usages

 System Load Averages

 System Updates

 Top CPU Usage

 Top Memory Usage

Secured Server+

Our Secured Server+ includes a full toolset of server and OS hardening techniques created from more than 20 years of experience. Once your IT hardware is hardened we go through and continuously test the system to ensure there are no gaps in your IT infrastructure armor.

Total Server Management

GigeNET’s Total Server Management Service covers a wealth of hosting services under one roof. Our technical support team becomes your team in making sure your IT infrastructure is maintained at the highest standard.


 Complex Clusters

 Clustered Database

 Storage Clusters

 Cloud Computing

 Networking Management

 Router/Switch Maintenance











 Load Balancing



 IP Whitelisting

*Select Linux Operating Systems